Foster + Partners x Karimoku Unveils NF Furniture Collection

Foster + Partners has collaborated with Japan’s leading wooden furniture manufacturer Karimoku to launch their new timber furniture range. Dubbed the NF collection, the furniture range designed by Norman Foster comprises a dining chair, a lounge chair, two stools, a sofa, and a dining table. Every single item has been manufactured by Karimoku’s state-of-the-art woodworking machines and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

Beginning with the dining chair, the furniture piece appears to be a smooth balance of form and ergonomics. The biggest standout point of the chair for me was its distinctive frame and organic transitions that make the piece simple yet intriguing.

What worth is a dining chair if there isn’t a dining table? Complementing the dining chair, Foster+ Partners has also added a dining table to the range. Boasting a simple silhouette and refined geometry, the dining table features sloping armrests that tuck neatly into the matching angle on the table’s underside.

If you are not willing to use a chair, there is also a backless stool in the collection which would be a perfect fit for the dining table. The blended timber joints are the major highlight of the stool which exhibits simple composition and balanced and timeless proportions. In addition, there is a high-back stool in the line that is designed to provide extra support and comfort.

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Maintaining the distinctive design language of the NF Collection comes lounge chair that sports rounded lines and clean aesthetic. Featuring soft and rounded upholstery, the lounge chair has a low seat that looks pretty comfortable and ergonomic.

The last entrant in the collection is a sofa that is born out of the lounge chair. Proving a deeper seat and thicker backrest, the sofa is more generous and luxurious and overall, the heart of the Karimoku wooden furniture collection.

NF furniture collection by Foster + Partners and Karimoku
Image: Foster+ Partners
NF furniture collection by Foster + Partners and Karimoku
Image: Foster+ Partners

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