Fortnite Movie Nite: Christopher Nolan’s hit films screen in-game

The Prestige poster is composed on a promotional image of Epic in this illsutration photo

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Later this Friday, Fortnite players will store their weapons and release for a screening of the film.

Three of Christopher Nolan’s greatest films – The Dark Knight, Inception and The Prestige – will be shown in the game’s Party Royale mode.

What you see will depend on the country you are in.

But why would anyone want to watch a movie inside a video game?

Join the metaverse

“The real world is unbeatable, in my opinion,” says Darshan Shankar, founder of Bigscreen VR, a company that allows users to watch movies together in cinemas created in virtual reality.

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VR on the big screen

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Bigscreen VR offers virtual cinemas where strangers can meet to watch movies and chat about them

“Things like Fortnite and Bigscreen don’t necessarily replace the beauty of a real world movie theater,” he says, instead it’s about “being able to watch things together with people.”

The BBC’s Netflix and iPlayer browser extensions also exist for those who want to watch movies and TV shows together while they are separate, so they can send messages and chat about the action as it unfolds.

But Fortnite – like Bigscreen – has the potential to take it to another level by giving users the feeling of being in the same space.

It is not the first time that Fortnite has tried something like this. He debuted with a movie from the latest Star Wars movie last year and was also the first to show a trailer for Nolan’s next film, Tenet, in May.

The spy action movie Tenet was expected to come to theaters on July 17 and help bring people back to multiple after the blockade. But it has been repeatedly delayed, with August 12 given as the last release date.

For obvious reasons, in-game film screenings do not address the same headaches at risk to health.

Director John Madden: “I don’t want to object”

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Madden, right, on set in 1996

Shakespeare in Love Oscar nominated director The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Miss Sloane took a break from editing his latest film to give the BBC his insight into Fortnite’s Movie Nite phenomenon

“Speaking as a director, I wouldn’t want to object to a film I made by finding an opening in an unlikely environment, assuming it was in the next part of the film’s release cycle.

“Having said that, Christopher Nolan’s work may seem more appropriate than mine to the Fortnite community!

“I think the distribution of the film is destined to evolve, in particular following the Covid cataclysm, and as long as the film can be seen initially in the setting desired by the director, he seems rude to object to attempts to bring any work to a wider audience . “

Fortnite has previously hosted interactive concerts, including a major Travis Scott event that saw players teleport around the map and into space. Almost 28 million people took part and many more watched recordings on YouTube and elsewhere.

It’s all part of what the media call Fortnite’s “metaverse” – a move to turn the game into a place to relax, rather than play it the way it was designed.

Some argue that Fortnite has essentially become its social network.

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Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert has been seen by millions of people

Friday’s movie night will be similar to the showing of the Tenet trailer in that players can move, dance and “emote” and watch the screen as they play.

It almost seems that there are no perfect viewing conditions for the film.

Secret Cinema has shown a great charm in hosting events where the action takes place simultaneously both on the screen and off the screen in its engaging cinematic experiences.

Visitors witnessed a DeLorean running around the audience during the Back to the Future event and crowds hovering over time during the Dirty Dancing experience.

Max Alexander, his CEO, says that getting together to watch a movie has been important since the “great old days of cinema”.

There’s a little “wealth missing” without other people, he says.

“I think Fortnite is really interesting. Avatars are really seen as extensions of the player.”

And like Secret Cinema itself, it says there is the possibility of “having a relationship with everyone else, not just the people you came with”.

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Luke Dyson / Secret Cinema

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At Secret Cinema, the event is the main attraction, as in their production for the Bond Casino Royale movie

“You want your art to be seen”

Ben Barfoot, a British independent director, recalls that many of the films that influenced him were watched in noisy and distracting environments using what was the latest home entertainment technology at the time.

For example, remember his copy recorded from the video of Peter Jackson’s 1987 sci-fi movie Bad Taste.

“All my comrades would sit around, we would talk and talk about it, but we would see it, we would quote it to each other … we would go back to look at it again,” he says.

And he adds that he would welcome the opportunity for a new generation of movie fans to discover his movie Double Date in a video game.

“You want your art to be seen,” he says.

“What’s worse? Nobody sees your movie or a lot of people see your movie, but not in perfect circumstances?”

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Epic games

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Fortnite ran the Tenet trailer at the beginning of each hour for a day in May

Nolan himself did not explain why he got on board with Fortnite. And it might seem like a strange bond for a director known to be a real-world movie screen champion.

But Epic Games – the creator of Fortnite – provided some insights when explaining why he was chosen to launch the Tenet trailer last month.

“When we do something like that, it always comes from a relationship between creatives who try to give life to something we think is fantastic,” said Donald Mustard, Epic’s creative director,

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