Fortnite Brings Long-Awaited Ray Tracing to PC Version

Fortnite brings long-awaited ray tracing to pc version

Ray tracing — the high-quality lighting effect taking gaming by storm — has arrived on one of the biggest franchises in the industry.

Starting on Thursday, players of Fortnite on the PC can turn on ray tracing and experience the title with far more fidelity.

The feature, which is only available on PCs running Nvidia GPU cards and DirectX12, allows for dramatically improved visual and lighting effects, creating a more realistic experience in-game, developers Epic Games announced in a blog post.

Epic Games showed a before and after shot detailing how big of a difference ray tracing makes.

In the first, with ray tracing on, there’s far more detail on cars and you can see the reflections of other players on windows. In the other, with ray tracing turned off, the same scene looks rather dull in comparison.

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