Former eBay executives charged with cyber-stalking

Former eBay executives charged with cyber-stalking

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Six former eBay executives and staff have been accused of cyber-stalking in a campaign against a couple who published a critical company newsletter.

Prosecutors say the harassment included sending the pair of live cockroaches, a bloody Halloween mask and a funeral wreath, as well as threatening messages.

EBay said he could not tolerate such behavior and apologized to the couple.

The company laid off employees last September after its investigation.

That investigation also revealed ex-CEO Devin Wenig’s “inappropriate” communication, but found no evidence that he knew the details of the campaign, eBay said.

“However, as previously announced by the company, there were some considerations that led to his departure,” he added.

Mr. Wenig has not been accused. On Monday he told the Wall Street Journal that what the allegations claim are “inconceivable”.

But prosecutors have appointed several senior employees, including forty-five year old James Baugh, a former senior director of security and forty-one year old David Harville, a former director of corporate resilience. Both were arrested on Monday.

U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling told a press conference that the alleged harassment campaign included the threat of Twitter messages and several visits to the couple’s home, with the intent to enter the garage and install a tracking device.

Many of the group are also said to have ordered “anonymous and disturbing deliveries to the victims’ homes, including a preserved fetal pig, a bloody pig Halloween mask, a funeral wreath, a book on how to survive the loss of a spouse and pornography. – the last of these addressed to the newsletter publisher, but sent to the neighbors’ house, “said Lelling.

He called the alleged stalking a “rather high in the chain” attempt to “arm the Internet” to protect the eBay brand. “This case seemed something unique to us,” he said.

In a statement eBay said it “does not tolerate this type of behavior. EBay apologizes to those affected and regrets that they have been subjected to this.”

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