For the honor of a son on France 3: what is this police TV movie worth with Stéphane Bern? -…

France 3 broadcasts this Thursday evening “For the honor of a son”, its new unpublished fiction with Stéphane Bern. The flagship host of France Télévisions embodies a former fighter pilot in search of the truth.

What is it about ?

Commander Paul Leclerc is a former fighter pilot, who trains soldiers in the use of observation drones. During a field operation in Africa, his son Guillaume, engaged as a ground commando, is killed. If the investigation quickly concludes that there was enemy fire, Paul cannot accept this hypothesis.

Something is wrong and he intends to find out what. As the quest for the truth becomes obsessive, Paul must not neglect any lead, among the enemies of France, and unfortunately perhaps, among his friends. Gradually discovering the truth, he will fight against the temptation to take justice into his own hands. After going through the trauma of his son’s death, he will risk losing everything else.

Thursday August 25 at 9:10 p.m. on France 3

Who is it with?

After Murders in Lorraine and The Art of Crimehost and writer Stephane Bern once again tries his hand at comedy with For the Honor of a Son, a breathless thriller in which he portrays Commander Paul Leclerc, a former fighter pilot who is struggling to mourn his son, who died in service.

For the occasion, he finds Killian Arthur and Nicolas Jones-Gorlintwo screenwriters with whom he had already worked on Meurtres en Lorraine. Olivier Guignardwho notably shot many episodes of A French Villageis in charge of the realization.

As for the supporting roles, the ex-wife of the character portrayed by Stéphane Bern is embodied by Julie-Anne Roth (Learning to Love You), while her new husband, and incidentally Paul’s best friend, is played by Stephane Brel (Thanks to God).

Constance Dolle, whom we have seen in Manipulations, Baron Noir and Un Village Français, slips into the skin of Maïwen Castel, the policewoman in charge of investigating the former pilot. The commander’s son is also played by Guillaume Arnaultthe rising figure of France Télévisions who will soon be on display on France 2 of the period saga And the mountain will bloom.

Bruno Debrandt (The traveler), Marie Kauffman (Irresponsible), Mounir Margoum (Balthazar) and Eric Savin (Kepler(s)) complete the distribution.

Well worth a look ?

The Americans have Jason Bourne and Bryan Mills, the French have Stéphane Bern. In For the honor of a son, the star host of France Télévisions abandons tiaras, castles and royalty to embody a former fighter pilot in turmoil, ready to do anything to discover the truth about the death of his son.

A role far from what he had accustomed us to, he who is well known to the public of France 2 for his show Secrets d’Histoire. Unfortunately, the specialist in crowned heads struggles to convince in the skin of this super policeman, who manages, like his American counterparts, to kill a man using a simple drone.

For the honor of a son on france 3: what is this police tv movie worth with stéphane bern? -...
Aurélien FAIDY – FTV – Morgane prod

His laborious acting prevents us from fully immersing ourselves in a well-crafted plot. If Stéphane Bern is far from shining, the supporting roles manage to save this fiction and raise the level.

Constance Dollé is perfect in the role of this tough-skinned investigator who will have to confront her own demons in order to solve this case that is much more complicated than it looks. Julie-Anne Roth, Stéphane Brel and Bruno Debrandt are not left out either and manage to raise their level without difficulty.

From beginning to end, viewers follow with pleasure this original investigation with many twists and turns which ends in apotheosis with a final revelation that will surprise many. Despite action scenes that sometimes lack a bit of rhythm, France 3 offers us with Pour l’honneur d’un fils an effective thriller that will delight fans of the genre.

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