Food Wars on DNA: what is this mouth-watering cooking anime?  - News Series on TV

Food Wars on DNA: what is this mouth-watering cooking anime? – News Series on TV

A tasty animated comedy, Food Wars brilliantly explores the tantalizing and unforgiving universe of cooking schools! To discover on DNA!


Sôma is a teenager who has decided to take over the management of the family restaurant as a Chef. Sent to an elite high school by his father, the young man discovers the terribly demanding world of cooking. And woe to those who do not have the level: expulsion is a frequent sanction at Tootsuki Academy!

Food Wars (5 seasons – 86 episodes) – Available on DNA and Crunchyroll


Born from the perfect collaboration of mangaka Yūto Tsukuda and female chef Yuki Morisaki, Food Wars is at the crossroads between the comedy series and the cooking contest. We follow the rise of Sôma Yukihira, a passionate high school student, from his small apprentice position in his father’s restaurant, to the top 10 of the best students of the prestigious Tootsuki academy.

Composed of 36 volumes published by Delcourt editions, the original work was such a success that an animated adaptation quickly saw the light of day, and caught the eye of a new audience.

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Sôma Yukihira and his furikake rice

Particularly original in the evolution of its story and provided with an enticing animation, the series Food Wars has established itself as a true benchmark of the genre. Although it is unpretentious, the tension of the multiple chef duels, the charisma of its characters and the execution of the recipes, always more ambitious, make this anime a little nugget!

His efficient and uninhibited humor provokes giggles, as easily as these dishes make your mouth water. From Italian specialties, to traditional Japanese meals, through typically French ingredients, Food Wars explores the culinary culture of many countries. A diversity of dishes which has also given rise to the writing of several cookbooks for fans of the work, as well as for the simple curious, apprentice cooks. Enough to encourage us all to cook!

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Nine vegetable terrine

Completed in 2020, a year after the publication of the last volume, the anime has the advantage of adapting the entire work, unlike many of its counterparts.

The 5 seasons that make up the series are all offered in the ADN catalog. The first three are available in VF as in VOSTFR.

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