Food Service Workers Share 20 Orders You’re Gonna Have to See to Believe

If you’ve never worked in food service, then you’ve never had the opportunity to be completely stunned by the food or drink another human being with put into their body with relish.

Things that you think are objectively gross, turn out not to be. Things that should never be combined are smacked together and gobbled up, and things that should flat-out be illegal are some people’s favorite things.

And of course, you have to make it – regardless of how gross or how inconvenient, because even if the customer isn’t always right, it’s your job to pretend they are.

Everyone is weird in some way, right?

Or was it some kind of game.

And he had regrets.

It’s the only acceptable explanation.

Nevermind the taste.

On purpose.

I wonder if they should have called CPS.

Because you never want to forget it.

White runny stuff for everyone!

What else could it be?

We all know orange soda can’t miss.

Whyyyyy would someone do this?

She wanted to share her perfectly prepared wings with friends.

Tell me this isn’t real.

No, that was eggs.

Not that it ever stopped people from trying.


But it’s really none of our business.

I’ve only been brave enough to lick the spoon.

Is that not a thing?

There are some things I miss about waiting tables, but orders (and customers) like these definitely aren’t one of them!

If you work in food service and have a similar story, please share it with us in the comments!

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