Flower Burger to Open | Eat & Drink

Flower Burger to Open | Eat & Drink

Beware of the Skittles, because Italian plant-based burger brand Flower Burger is really coming to let Londoners taste the rainbow. Flower Burger, which already has a handful of locations in Italy and France, is opening in Fitzrovia (starting with take-out and collecting) with a menu of vegan burgers in purple, yellow, green, and pink buns. We thought / hoped multicolored food would die to death with this rainbow bagel trend but here we are again …

The burgers and buns are made with all-natural ingredients, like the Jungle Burger (a green turmeric and spirulina bun, a red bean and oat patty, a floral cheddar cheese, zucchini and a gravy smoked barbecue) and Cherry Bomb (a pink bun with beetroot & rice pancake, candied tomato and flower cheddar). Sides and desserts like potato wedges, edamame, chocolate salami, and coconut, coffee, and chocolate pudding appear (thankfully) to be their normal colors.

The same restraint has not been applied to the interiors, which will feature kaleidoscopic and psychedelic graphics, an underwater yellow mural, colorful counter seats, and candy-colored swivel chairs. It was clearly designed for the ‘gram’ but sounds like a headache recipe to us.

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Opens Tuesday 21 January 2021
43 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 1RS

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