Flora & Ulysses: what is this new Disney + Original movie with a superhero squirrel?

Available this Friday, February 19 on the Disney + platform, discover the touching story of a quick-witted child and a squirrel turned superhero in Flora & Ulysses, a new Disney + Original film for the whole family.


When 10-year-old Flora, comic book fan and self-proclaimed cynic, saves a squirrel named Ulysses, the animal’s superpowers lead to a series of hilarious disasters, the starting point of life-changing adventures. life and upset the philosophy of the little girl …

Flora & Ulysse – Film available on Disney +


In a world filled with disillusioned adults, things aren’t always easy for a quick-witted, creative girl like young Flora. But when she saves the life of a squirrel whom she affectionately nicknames Ulysses, the adventure of a lifetime can begin for this comic book enthusiast. Following the accident, the adorable animal develops amazing powers, including the ability to communicate with the little girl through his ingenuity. Flora immediately takes a liking to Ulysses who, she is convinced, has become a real superhero. And like in all superhero stories worth their salt, there is obviously an enemy on the horizon: a pound worker, who, it seems, has a grudge against squirrels. Ulysses can happily count on the help of his sidekick Flora, ready to do anything for his new friend!

Adapted from the novel Flora & Ulysse: the luminous adventures by Kate DiCamillo, this new Disney + Original is a refreshing and loving comedy that should appeal to children and their parents. Stuffed with references to the Marvel universe, this feature film directed by Lena Khan brings a breath of fresh air to the super-heroic genre with an adventure suitable for a young audience. Beyond the adventures of Flora and Ulysses, the film tells above all the touching story of a family plagued by much more common and universal problems: separation of parents, difficulty in making ends meet … Thanks to its communicative energy , the girl nevertheless succeeds in taking her loved ones, like the spectators, into her world full of hope and possibilities.

Flora & ulysses: what is this new disney + original movie with a superhero squirrel?

Disney +

Matilda Lawler brilliantly embodies the young Flora, daughter of a novelist in need of inspiration camped by Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) and of an unpublished comic book author played by Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation). The actor Danny Pudi, unforgettable Abed in the series Community, lends his features to the famous employee of the pound in search of the squirrel.

Flora & Ulysse is now available on the Disney + platform.

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