Flamingo Sanctuary In Mumbai Is Where Bird Lover Are Flocking To This Migratory Season! Are You?

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Good news for all bird keepers! If you are in and around Mumbai then you now have something special to see. go towards Flamingo Sanctuary To spend a wonderful day with beautiful migratory birds. Because now you can have one Flamingo Safari in Mumbai And in between there are 1690 hectares of mudflats and mangroves. Vashi and Airoli (Thane Creek Mudflats).One of the less explored areas of Mumbai, the creek area is where these lovely birds fly in from Kutch for almost 3 months.

It is from here that migratory birds can be seen in their natural habitat and the government has made significant efforts to make this place the talk of the town. Plan a weekend outing with friends or family, the city’s Flamingo Sanctuary is worth a visit this migratory season.


Take a boat and reach the mudflats from where you can actually see the migratory flamingos. From February 1, 2018, the Mangrove Department of Maharashtra has introduced a special 24-seater boat to take tourists inside the mangroves going to a depth of up to 10 km. Additionally, there is an 8-seater speed boat that goes deep into the mangroves from where almost all the migratory birds can be seen at close range.

The speedboat is perfect for a family or group of friends. Earlier tourists had the option of seeing these amazing birds from Sewri Mudflat and Uran, and that too only from a distance. Now, some exciting adventures await in Vashi and Airoli Mudflats.

ACJ-0702-Flamingo-Sanctuary-Mumbai (2)ACJ-0702-Flamingo-Sanctuary-Mumbai (2)

right moment: This is the best time! Yes, end February – beginning May Best time to meet migratory birds in the sanctuary

Center for Coastal and Marine Biodiversity
2/Mangrove Forest, Sector 10, Diva Nagar Road
Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708

Time: 10 am to 6 pm

Flamingo Sanctuary Entry Fee: 50 rupees per person for adults, 25 rupees per person for children

Boat ride fee:
INR 300 (Monday to Friday), 400 rupees (Saturday and Sunday) per person
5000 rupees For 7 people per speedboat

ACJ-0702-Flamingo-Sanctuary-Mumbai (3)ACJ-0702-Flamingo-Sanctuary-Mumbai (3)

Comment: From Airoli Bridge tourists can avail ferry service to the Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Center of the Flamingo Sanctuary

With all the exciting coastal views and dazzling skyline, the tinsel town offers plenty of attractions for travelers. But this Flamingo Safari in Mumbai is the perfect dose of awesomeness for all those looking for a secluded spot in this bustling city.

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