Flag Day trailer: Sean Penn and his daughter in a touching family story

Flag Day trailer: Presented in competition at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Sean Penn’s new film, in which he stars alongside his daughter Dylan, is revealed in an emotional trailer.

If Flag Day did not win an award at the last Cannes Film Festival, it did at least win over the press, which is more than Sean Penn’s previous production, The Last Face, which received a disastrous reception on the Croisette. in 2016.

Flag day trailer: sean penn and his daughter in a touching family story
Flag day trailer

Adapted from the autobiography Flim-Flam Man (2004) by American journalist Jennifer Vogel, Flag Day focuses on the relationship between the young woman and her father, John Vogel, one of the biggest forgers in the country. It is the director himself who plays this criminal and compulsive liar, while he entrusted the role of Jennifer to his own daughter, Dylan Penn, a true revelation of the film.

Social drama against the backdrop of an American dream, the feature film promises great emotions with its heroine doing everything to free herself from this loving father but oh so imperfect in order to escape a fate that seems to be all mapped out.

Also with Josh Brolin, Katheryn Winnick, Eddie Marsan or even Hopper Jack Penn, the second child born from the union of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, in the cast, Flag Day is expected in theatres on September 29.

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