Often called the land of a thousand lakes, Finland is a beautiful Nordic country located in Northern Europe. Its beauty, as are its ancient forests, is spectacular. lakes of finland, and contemporary cities, all attracting tourists from far and wide. Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland, receives a lot of tourists every year. Finland’s natural landscapes and various lakes are also the center of attraction there. Check out the list of some beautiful lakes in Finland below. talking about Finland, number of lakes It’s more than counting with your fingers. However, you can check out the best:

10 best lakes of Finland

Finland, land of lakes, There is no dearth of lakes. But here are listed some of the main lakes of Finland. you can go to one Finland lakes tour If you want to know all the details.

  • Saima Lake
  • Paijān Lake
  • Inari Lake
  • Pylinnen Lake
  • Oulujärvi Lake
  • Pihljavesi Lake
  • Orivesi Lake
  • Haukiwesee Lake
  • Keitel Lake
  • Kallawesi Lake

1. Saimaa Lake

Lake ViewLake View


Saimaa is located in the south-east of the country Finland’s largest lake, Lake Saimaa was formed as a result of melted glaciers at the end of the Ice Age and is a natural freshwater lake. It is also the fourth largest in Europe. Some of the cities on the shores of this lake are Lappeenranta, Savonlinna, Mikkeli, Imatra, Varkaus and Joensuu.

things to do: One can take a boat trip and explore the islands here or even go fishing.

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2. Paijān Lake

Paijān LakePaijān Lake


It is the second largest lake in Finland and drains into the Gulf of Finland. Located in southern Finland, it is a recreational fishing destination. This lake extends from the city of Lahti to Jyväskylä. One can also see the Pejen National Park which is in the southern part of the lake. Enjoy the surreal views around the lake and have a great time fishing and relaxing on its shores.

things to do: Pejen Lake is frequented for sailing, sailing and canoeing.

3. Inari Lake

Inari Lake in FinlandInari Lake in Finland


Located in the northern part of Lapland, Lake Inari is the third largest river in the country. The two famous islands here are Houtumasaari and Ukonkivi. While you’re in the neighborhood, you can visit the Sieda, a museum in Inari Village. Learn about the Sami culture and if you like exploring places, you can visit some of the islands in the lake.

things to do: Visit the Wilderness Church at Pielpa Lake, visit a Husky Farm if you’re a dog lover, or take an Aurora Tour.

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4. Pilinen Lake

Pylinnen LakePylinnen Lake


After this comes Pylinnen Lake in size. This lake is frequently visited by tourists due to its natural beauty and the Koli National Park located on the western side of the lake. Go on a jungle walk and enjoy ancient sights while visiting various vantage points in the park. Also, try a meal or two at the famous Café Almaza in Koli port.

things to do: Skiing and white water rafting can be enjoyed here during winter.

5. Oulujärvi Lake

Oulujärvi Lake in FinlandOulujärvi Lake in Finland


The best place for pike fishing, Lake Olujärvi is the fifth largest lake in Finland. Apart from fishing, the beautiful beaches here are another attraction for tourists. Spend some time sunbathing and enjoying the views of nature. Take a walk along the lake and spend some relaxing time at Lake Olujarvi. And if you still want more, this place has quite a few activities for you to take part in!

things to do: Enjoy swimming or sailing. Water skiing can also be enjoyed here.

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6. Pihljavesi Lake

Pihlajavesi Lake in FinlandPihlajavesi Lake in Finland


The natural charm of Finland will never end as there is no end to the magnificent lakes present on this land. Another beautiful place to visit in Finland is Pihlajavesi Lake. It is a diverse landscape and one can explore it keeping in mind Finland lakes map convenient. Another interesting thing one can do here apart from hiking and exploring the land is berry and mushroom picking. The region is said to have some very tasty berries.

things to do: One can enjoy canoeing or row boating. If you don’t feel like rowing a boat, you can also enjoy the beauty of the lake on a motorboat.

7. Orivesi Lake

summer sky finnish beach island landscape lakesummer sky finnish beach island landscape lake


How do you like lake vacations? Orivesi Lake is one such place if you want to spend a few days at the lake shore then you can also rent a hut here on the lake shore. Have you always dreamed of a unique little cottage by a lake in a lush green environment? Well, that is what Orivesi is offering you. Furthermore, it is not far from the capital Helsinki which is a mere 110 miles away.

things to do: Rent a cottage by the lake and enjoy rural Finland.

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8. Haukiwesee Lake

View of Haukiwesee LakeView of Haukiwesee Lake


Are you a nature lover? If you are then you definitely need to explore this area when you are in Finland. Linnansaari National Park is in the middle of this lake, which adds to the natural charm of Haukiwesee. Fishing is prohibited here, so don’t get on the bad side of the law. You can see the endangered Saimaa ringed seal here. Edible mushrooms are growing again in the area, and one can enjoy picking berries and mushrooms in Haukivsee.

things to do: Explore the area by canoe or sailing. If you are visiting during winter then you can also enjoy a skating tour here.

9. Keitel Lake

View of Lake Keitel in FinlandView of Lake Keitel in Finland


There is this big lake called Keitel in the center of Finland. The water here is of good quality and quite clear, which makes sailing enjoyable. Famous towns located on its banks are the cities of Åänekoski and Viitasaari. The renowned artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela also created a painting titled Lake Ketel, which today graces the National Gallery, London.

things to do: Come and relax by the lake, go boating and you can also explore the lakeside towns.

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10. Kallawesi Lake

View of Kallawesi LakeView of Kallawesi Lake


This lake is Kallawesi, located around the city of Kuopio. It is in the Northern Savonia region in eastern Finland. The view of the lake is amazing during winter when there is snow all around. Then one can also do ice skiing here. If you are not looking for outdoor activities, you can visit one of the city’s spas and relax and rejuvenate. Do you know where the world’s largest smoke sauna is? It’s right here, in the city of Kuopio!

things to do: Go ice skating, enjoy the scenery or relax in the smoke sauna.

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Now that you know about all the exciting activities you can enjoy in Finland’s lakes, what are you still waiting for? Book a trip with Daily Hind News and visit Finland, the land of a thousand lakes is calling you! Explore as many lakes as you can, and we bet you won’t fall short of them!

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FAQ about Finland Lakes

What recreational activities can tourists do once in Finland lake tourism?

During Finland lake tourism you can do bird-watching, sailing tours, fishing, hiking in the coniferous forest along the lake, walking along the lake, photography and swimming.

What activities can tourists do in the waters of the lake during their Finland holidays?

Tourists can go for water sports activities like canoeing, ice-skating, ice skiing, motorboats, rafting and row boating on the lakes of Finland.

What are the best months to explore the lakes in Finland?

The lakes of Finland are best to visit between September to May. These are pleasant months to enjoy water sports and recreational activities around the lakes.

Which lake is best to visit for honeymoon couples during honeymoon tour?

You must visit Lake Orivaisi in Finland to spend your honeymoon staying in a cottage by the lake. You can spend your privacy near the shores of the lake and go swimming and boating on this lake.

Are Finland’s lakes safe for tourists?

Yes, there are thousands of lakes in Finland. There are no man-eating wild animals in the lake water and on the lake shore and in the lake water. Still, you should not swim where it is prohibited.

Are Finland’s lakes the best for seeing the Northern Lights?

Yes, to see the Northern Lights in Finland, you must come here between September to March. It is recommended to camp by the lake and view this natural wonder in the night sky.

What is the best season to visit the lakes of Finland for ice-skating?

For ice-skating on the lakes of Finland you must visit during the winter season between January to March.

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