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The animated series “Final Space” precipitates a hero as clumsy as he is endearing in space adventures. Meeting with showrunner Olan Rogers.

AlloCiné: Tell us about this series and the challenges to overcome the new season of Final Space?

Olan Rogers: Final Space is for me a cartoon space-opera and mainly intended for adults. These are the adventures of Gary Goodspeed and his friend, the Alien Mooncake. Together they will try to save the universe from total destruction.

I do a lot of American version vocals like Gary and Mooncake. We started this series in 2018 and we are in the third season. Like everyone else, we took the covid 19 pandemic in the face during the production of season 3 … not obvious! But we have come to the end of our troubles to finish all the episodes.

In fact, I find that this season, assembled “remotely”, is even better than the 2 previous ones, designed in the studio. I think many of us have put all the emotions and frustrations of this health crisis into the show. This makes her more intense and explosive.

Three seasons and it seems that the public is asking for it again. How do you explain this success?

In fact, success is just happening now. At first we really went under everyone’s radar. But it’s true that now more and more people are loving our series. Especially since we are largely supported by Adult Swim which programs the new seasons.

The reason, it seems to me, that we got off to a slow start was that no one could “stream” it on the net. Few people had access to TBS, the cable channel which aired the first 2 seasons. Netflix also came to our aid, internationally, which led millions of fans to discover our show. It seems that it works quite well in France!

What do you think this series is about, what are you trying to explore with these characters and their interstellar adventures?

Above all, I wanted to create a series full of action but also with a maximum of emotions. I think at times the show talks about the loneliness we sometimes encounter in our lives and this emotional divide that comes with it.

I think our protagonists are like you and me, with their share of angst and existentialist questions. I think the public identifies with Gary and his friend Alien in this way. Ultimately, it’s a super positive series that tries to boost the morale of those who watch it, giving them hope, encouraging them in their own fight to survive in these sometimes difficult times, especially in this. moment.

What is your favorite character ?

Without hesitation, it’s “Tribore Menendez”, the Revolutionary. I also bring it to life with my voice. He’s having a blast and I love the tone of voice I use for him, totally offbeat. But I like my two main heroes, Gary and Mooncake. However, they require a lot more work and effort than Tribore.

What is the future vision of this series?

I hope we will have the opportunity to do another 2 or 3 seasons because I have a lot of ideas to bring other fantastic adventures to my characters. In any case, I do not encounter any limitation with this explosive format of animation. Let’s see if we come to the end of the story that I have in me. In the meantime, fasten your seatbelts and rush with us to the end of the space to meet Gary and Mooncake!

Final Space seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.

Season 3 is available on Adult Swim.

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