Films and series to see on Salto in September 2022: The Flight Attendant, La maison…

Films and series to see on Salto in September 2022

Between season 1 of “The Flight Attendant”, the mini-series “The house opposite” with Julie de Bona and the complete “Men in Black”, the program for the month of September promises to be busy on Salto .


AUGUST 31 : The house opposite – mini-series Drama/Thriller

A couple who have just moved into a new house lose the child they were expecting. To overcome this ordeal, they can count on their neighbors across the street, an attractive couple with a sulphurous reputation. This friendly relationship gradually turns into an irresistible attraction… but what do the inhabitants of the house opposite really want?

With Julie de Bona, Caterina Murino, Thierry Neuvic

SEPTEMBER 16: The sect Documentary

30 years after the affair of the sect of the Order of the Solar Temple, this drama is still difficult to understand. Exclusive images from inside the sect, unpublished archives from the Swiss police and testimonies never before heard make it possible to decipher the sectarian spiral. An event documentary series that shows us the slow and infernal mechanics of control and the difficulties of getting out of it for its followers.

Produced by Bruno Joucla.

SEPTEMBER 23: The Flight Attendant – season 1 Comedy/Thriller

A flight attendant wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed with a dead man – and no idea what happened. In a fit of panic and fear, she attempts to cleanse all traces of her presence and returns to New York in a barely concealed state of anxiety. Of course, she has no idea of ​​the dark and senseless mystery that is about to be unveiled.

With Kaley Cuoco, Michiel Huisman, Zosia Mamet



Franck Sharko and Lucie Hennebelle investigate the chilling, even nightmarish world of mental manipulation and neuroscience when five corpses are found horribly mutilated…

With Vincent Elbaz, Jennifer Decker, Kool Shen

Aim for the heartPoliceman

Julia Scola, a courageous and respected police captain, and Novak Lisica, a criminal lawyer with a devastating smile, loved each other against all odds when they were teenagers. But today, they haven’t spoken to each other for twenty years. Why ? What tragedy separated them? They have built their lives far, very far from each other.

So when Novak leaves his prestigious firm to become commissioner and join Julia in his brigade, fate takes over. Between past and present, Julia and Novak’s investigations explore childhood terrors, adult nightmares, and monsters are not always what you think.

With Claire Keim, Lannick Gautry, Noémie Chicheportiche

Marianne Drama/Legal

Investigating judge, Marianne Vauban is a woman with a cheerful outspokenness, surprising methods, and a certain and radiant humanity. Accompanied by Captain Pastor and his faithful clerk Yves, Marianne must demonstrate all her experience, her sagacity and her humanity to investigate complex and tasty cases.

At the same time as her investigations, Marianne makes it a point of honor to awaken a sleeping justice around a cold case that touches her deeply: the murder of a prostitute 10 years ago. The young woman was the mother of a little Zacharie, now a gifted teenager, placed in a foster family and to whom Marianne dedicates a particular tenderness. She intends to do everything to unmask her mother’s killer.

With Marilou Berry, Alexander Steiger, Stephane Pezerat

And the mountain will bloomDrama/Historical

1837, in Provence. Wrongly accused of having abused Séraphine, his stepmother, Jean-Baptiste is banished forever from the farmhouse of his childhood by his father, Sosthène. To survive, Jean-Baptiste has no choice but to come and live with his aunt, Blanche. He then became a peddler and druggist and traveled all over France to sell plants picked on the Montagne de Lure. Meanwhile, Séraphine’s son, Gaspard, is trying to find a place for himself at the farmhouse…

While Jean-Baptiste finds love with Lila and believes he has overcome adversity, his happiness vanishes in the tumults of a Provence in revolt. Disinherited, cursed by his father, he nevertheless understands that he will only find peace on one condition: to regain his rights to the farmhouse of his childhood…

With Guillaume Arnault, Claire Duburcq, Philip Torreton

Out of seasonCrime/Thriller

Les Cimes, a small ski resort in the Dents du Midi region. It’s the end of the season, vacationers are leaving, the snow is melting… and the horror is revealed in broad daylight: the corpse of a murdered woman in an intriguing and macabre staging.

It is the Swiss captain Sterenn Peiry who is in charge of the case, soon supported by the French investigator Lyes Bouaouni who reveals to her that another body was found in a similar condition on the other side of the border. As the mystery deepens, the investigator discovers that her son accidentally killed his girlfriend in a car. Sterenn’s life is turned upside down: how far will she go to protect her son?

With Marina Hands, Sofiane Zermani, Clarina Sierra

The man of our livesDrama/Thriller

Camille’s life changes when the man she loves disappears overnight after emptying his bank account. She decides to find him and discovers that he is seducing other women in order to defraud them. Camille will do everything to open the eyes of his blindly loving victims to stand up against him and obtain justice. Will they be able to bring him down?

With Jonathan Zaccai, Odile Vuillemin, Helena Noguerra



men in black

Men in black 2

Men in black 3



SEPTEMBER 9: The Lucky One



One day



The edge of seventeen



The Corsica investigation

Super star

SEPTEMBER 9: Erin Brockovich

SEPTEMBER 16: Sex Tape


Don’t tell him

#Worst Evening

Good morning England

The resort


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