Films and series to see on Salto in October 2022: Chucky season 2, the sequel to…

Between season 2 of “Chucky”, season 4 of “Yellowstone”, the mini-series “It”, the first three seasons of “Creepshow” and the Halloween collection made up in particular of the films “Ouija”, the program of the month of october promises to be busy on Salto.

Films and series to see on Salto in October 2022


FROM OCTOBER 6: chuckyseason 2 in simulcast US+24 – Horror-horror

Chucky crosses paths with sworn enemies, old allies, and new prey as he seeks to inspire fear and mayhem wherever he goes. After his evil plan to invade children’s hospitals was foiled in season one, Chucky now seeks revenge on those he holds responsible: teenage survivors Jake, Devon and Lexy, as well as his ex Tiffany, now his sworn enemy.

As the demonic doll prepares for a terrifying new assault, Jack and Devon do everything to protect their romance at their new Catholic school.

With Zackary Arthur, Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind

FROM OCTOBER 11: All-Americanseason 5 in simulcast US+24 – Drama, Biopic

Spencer James, a young athlete from the difficult neighborhoods of the suburbs of Los Angeles, is recruited by the prestigious Beverly Hills High, so that he joins the high school American football team. While trying to adapt to this very easy new environment, in which he is not necessarily welcome, Spencer then begins a new life, which will lead him little by little, but not without pitfalls, towards his dream: to become professional footballer.

With Daniel Ezra, Taye Diggs, Bre-Z

FROM OCTOBER 11: All American: Homecomingseason 2 in simulcast US+24 – Drama

The spinoff of the All American series follows Simone, a young tennis prospect from Beverly Hills and Damon, an elite baseball player from Chicago. While they have to face their sports career in the university world, these two young people enter adulthood with love stories and challenges that await them, all this within a prestigious Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

With Geffri Maya Hightower, Peyton Alex Smith, Kelly Jenrette

OCTOBER 14: Yellowstoneseason 4 – Drama, Western

After a shocking and explosive third season finale, the Dutton family is out for revenge. As power struggles continue to rage between Native tribes, big business Market Equities, and ruthless CEO Caroline Warner, the Dutton family must stick together more than ever.

In this state of emergency, Jamie grows closer to his father, who has important advice for his son. The difference between “good” and “evil” becomes more and more blurred, the Duttons wait for the right moment to retaliate brutally as they know so well…

With Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser

21ST OF OCTOBER : Theodosiaseason 2 – Adventure, Family

In 1906, Theodosia Throckmorton, 14, was the daughter of two intrepid Egyptologists digging in the Valley of the Kings. When the feisty Theo and her little brother Henry discover a hidden tomb and a mysterious artifact, “the Eye of Horus”, the young girl unleashes her magical power. A whole new world, as mysterious as it is dangerous, opens up to them.

Back in London, from her parents’ house in the famous Museum of Legends and Antiquities, she must fight the old forces, black magic and chaos. Théo, Henry, their friends Will, a street magician, and Safiya, an Egyptian princess, will do everything to save the world.

With Eloise C. Little, Frankie Minchella, Nana Agyeman-Bediako


OCTOBER 28: Thatmini-series – Horror, Fantastic

October 1957. It wakes up and the small town of Derry, Maine will never be the same again. Seven children face an unimaginable horror that appears in many guises, including Pennywise, a clown who lives, hunts and kills in the city sewers. Years later, these adults who survived are brave enough to return to Derry and stop this killing, and this time for good.

With Tim Curry, Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher

OCTOBER 28: creepshowseason 1 to 3 – Drama, Horror

Inspired by the eponymous film directed in 1982 by George A. Romero himself from Stephen King’s comic books published in the 1950s, this horror anthology series brings back to life our worst childhood nightmares: werewolf, monster in the cellar , dollhouse, evil tree, aliens…

With Chris Schmidt Jr.., Marissa Chanel Hampton, Andrew Brodeur



OCTOBER 7: Midnight Sun

OCTOBER 14: All roads lead to Rome

Let’s get married

21ST OF OCTOBER : Delicacy


OCTOBER 7: bad teacher

The world is yours

Free and sleepy

OCTOBER 14: Mothers Day

21ST OF OCTOBER : Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters 2


OCTOBER 14: Whitebird

21ST OF OCTOBER : Nice friend

OCTOBER 28: The green Line



Ouija board: the origins of evil

Child’s play, the evil doll

Pan’s Labyrinth

The manor