Altice / SFR, YouTube, Apple TV: films and series from April 11 to 17

Altice / SFR, YouTube, Apple TV: films and series from April 11 to 17



Hala, a young Muslim teenager, watches her family dissolve as she awakens to love.


Mythic Quest is a delirious behind-the-scenes immersion of a video game development studio. Produced by Ubisoft, the series is THE new nugget of Apple TV +. Deeper and far less cheeky than it makes you believe, the series takes us behind the scenes of an extremely popular video game publishing box: Mythic Quest, an MMORPG in the vein of World of Warcraft . Creative, megalo and egocentric director Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney) and his team will launch the first big expansion of the game, Le Festin du Corbeau, and this crucial step will bring significant changes within the company, in constant search innovations.

Abbot Genser / Focus Features / Image Eleven Productions, Inc.



An anthology based on the articles ofEpic Magazine and more particularly on the life of immigrants who came to America.



In the serene little town of Centerville, something is wrong. The moon is omnipresent in the sky, daylight appears at unpredictable times and animals begin to exhibit unusual behaviors. No one really knows why. The news is scary and scientists are worried. But no one could have foreseen the strangest and most dangerous event that was going to take place in Centerville: THE DEAD DON’T DIE – the dead come out of their graves and brutally attack the living to feed on them. The battle for survival begins for the residents of the city.


In London in the 1950s, just after the war, renowned designer Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril reigned over the world of English fashion. They dress royal families as well as movie stars, rich heiresses or the heart of high society with the inimitable style of the house Woodcock. Women come and go in the life of this famous and hardened bachelor, serving him both as muses and companions until the day and the young and very determined Alma did not supplant them all to take a central place. But this love will upset a routine hitherto ordered and organized to the millimeter.


Robbie is a teenage rabbit whose father runs a secret chocolate factory which produces delicious confectionery every year for the Easter holidays (bells, rabbits and chocolate eggs). Robbie’s father, a playful character known for being the Easter Bunny, is ready to hand over the family chocolate factory to his son. However, Robbie only dreams of one thing: to become a drummer in a rock band. On the eve of the handover, Robbie fled.


Hundreds of years after an apocalyptic event destroyed the Earth, humanity has adapted to survive by finding a new way of life. Thus, gigantic mobile cities roam the Earth mercilessly taking power over other smaller mobile cities. Tom Natsworthy – from the lower level of the big mobile city of London – is fighting for his own survival after his bad meeting with the dangerous fugitive Hester Shaw. Two opposing characters, who were not intended to meet, will then form an unusual alliance, intended to upset the future.



Against the backdrop of an obscure conspiracy theory on the internet, a group of leaders are gathering for the first time in a secluded mansion to entertain themselves by chasing ordinary American citizens. But their dark designs will be jeopardized by Crystal, one of their prey, capable of beating them at their own game. The young woman overturns the rules, and one by one kills the hunters who separate her from the mysterious woman who shoots the strings of this macabre pastime.


A former marine, Jarhead is a desperate father. Not only is he ready to do anything to feed his children, but he is also a formidable fighter. The Donnybrook, a barefoot fighting tournament that takes place in the forests of Indiana, is a unique opportunity for him to achieve a better life. The prize awarded in cash to the winner will solve all his problems, he is convinced. Chainsaw Angus, on the other hand, hung up the gloves a long time ago. This legend of clandestine combat, hitherto undefeated, has been converted with her sister, Liz, in the manufacture of methamphetamine. The Donnybrook will be the place of their perdition … or their redemption.


After 7 years of crisis, the country is on the brink. Elections, a new lease of life and two men who will embody the hope of saving their country from the sway it suffers. Appointed by Alexis, Yanis will wage a merciless fight behind the scenes and between the closed doors of European power. Where the arbitrariness of imposed austerity takes precedence over humanity and compassion. Where will be put in place pressure tactics to divide the two men. Where the destiny of their people is at stake. A modern Greek tragedy.

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