Fifty Shades Freed on Netflix: where did Elena (Kim Basinger) go?

While “Fifty Shades Lighter”, the last installment of the “50 Shades of Gray” trilogy is a hit on Netflix, return to the absence of the character of Elena played by Kim Basinger, whose scenes have been cut.

50 Shades Freed has arrived on Netflix! Last part of the saga “50 shades of Gray”, this opus also known under the title Fifty shades lighter is marked by the absence of a key character from EL James’ novel. Elena Lincoln, professional partner of Christian Gray and his former mistress SM is completely absent from this third feature film of the saga.

Back in January 2016, when it was announced that actress Kim Basinger was joining the cast of Fifty Shades of Darker, the second installment of the “50 Shades of Gray” film trilogy, as Elena Lincoln , also known as Mrs. Robinson. The actress turns several scenes of Fifty shades lighter, next part of the saga but this time, these sequences are eliminated in the most famous version of the film.

Fifty shades freed on netflix: where did elena (kim basinger) go?

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Kim Basinger (Elena)

Although we glimpse her briefly in the trailers, Elena Lincoln does not appear at all in the theatrical version of the third film. Kim Basinger’s (very short) scenes remained on the edit stand and will never be shown except for some of them, which the distributor ends up including in the Unrated version of Fifty shades lighter. It is likely that they were cut to reduce the length of the film, but the exact reason is not officially known.

About five minutes longer than the cinema version (which is the one on Netflix at the time of this writing), it also adds more scenes with Arielle Kebbel as Gia Matteo and Eric Johnson as Jack. Hyde.

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