Fast & Furious 9: the director knows how the saga will end

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With “Fast & Furious 9”, the saga enters its final stretch, since the eleventh episode is already announced as the last. And director Justin Lin says he knows how the adventure will end.

Fast & furious 9: the director knows how the saga will end
Fast & furious 9

WARNING – The article below contains slight spoilers on “Fast & Furious 9” in its last paragraph. So please go your way if you haven’t seen the film yet.

The beginning of the end ! With Fast & Furious 9, the saga launched in 2001 enters its last lap, since it has already been announced that episode 11 would serve as a conclusion to the adventures of Dominic Toretto and his family. It’s not yet time for the character played by Vin Diesel to put his cars away in the garage, but some are already thinking about the end. Starting with director Justin Lin.

Back in charge of the franchise, after leaving them to James Wan and F. Gary Gray for episodes 7 and 8, the director already admits to knowing how the adventure will end: “We’ve been talking about it for something like ten years”, he explains. “It’s a conversation we’ve had for a long time. So I can say ‘yes’ to you, broadly speaking. And not least because the 9th marks the start of a trilogy.”

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“I had never approached it that way. I always thought that if we had the chance to deserve to make a film, we should focus on it. Then on the next one if we deserved it. But Vin m ‘said that we should not consider [les prochains films] in this way, but to see them as the last chapters of the saga, which begin with the 9. “

“That’s why I’m so happy to introduce new characters in this film, to explore our main theme which is family, but also to set things up for the next two films.” If the tenth opus does not yet have a release date, Justin Lin will be the director, and several questions already arise: will Cipher (Charlize Theron) remain the big bad until the end? What will happen between Han (Sung Kang) and Shaw (Jason Statham)? How will the writers handle the Brian O’Conner character case? And, above all, how will it end?

Interview by Olivier Portnoi on June 10, 2021 in Paris

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