Fast & Furious 9: from Game of Thrones to Avengers, the best diversions of the Vin Diesel family

Fast & furious 9: from game of thrones to avengers, the best diversions of the vin diesel family

Very insistent on the theme of the Fast and Furious family, Dominic Toretto alias Vin Diesel has experienced many hilarious hijackings on the Internet. Small anthology of the best mockery of the twittosphere.

Vin Diesel doesn’t need an army, he has a family! That’s what Dom Toretto responds to Loki in a photo hijacking Avengers and Fast and Furious.

After the release of the 9th part of the saga, which insists a lot on the theme of the family, Internet users have redoubled their imagination to gently mock Vin Diesel.

Shivam for example sends the comedian to face Thanos, armed with his only shotgun.“Thanos is strong, but not as strong as a family”, he comments.

As for Rolo, he makes Dominic Toretto appear opposite Macaulay Culkin in Mom I missed the plane. “I don’t want a family, the family sucks”, chanted little Kevin. In the image below, an angry Vin Diesel points him with his rifle.

Another netizen shares a Game of Thrones hijacking, showing Jaime and Cersei Lannister, incestuous brother and sister in the series. “Dom, what are you doing here?”, asks the couple. “We don’t do that to the family”, retorts Vin Diesel!

Luynan brings his stone to the edifice of diversions by parodying a mythical scene from the Lord of the Rings. “For Frodo!”, shouts Aragorn. “And for the family”Dom replies tit for tat before driving towards the enemy army.

Obviously, the cult series My Family First could not pass between the drops of parody. Vin Diesel invites himself on the poster in the middle of the protagonists of the show.

Star Wars is also going through the mill. In these diversions compiled by Lyunan, we can see the character of Poe Dameron worrying about the massive influx of bad guys. But Dom and his army of racing cars land. “There is nothing stronger than family.”

Still on the side of the Lord of the Rings, another mythical scene is entitled to its diversion, that of the formation of the community of the ring. “My sword is yours … and my bow … and my ax … and my family”, concludes Dom Toretto.

Harry Potter is not spared. In the scene where the famous wizard confronts Voldemort, he sees Dom coming towards him. “Dom, you don’t have a magic wand!”Harry exclaims. “No need for a wand when you have … a family!”, cries Toretto.

A little last for the road, Dom Toretto who interferes in the battle of Wakanda at the end of Avengers Infinity War. T’Challah’s face has been replaced by Vin Diesel’s. “Family Forever!”, he chants before rushing headlong towards the wicked.

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