Fast and Furious 9: the saga passes the $ 6 billion mark

Fast and furious 9: the saga passes the $ 6 billion mark

The action film with Vin Diesel has barely landed in some corners of the globe and is already breaking records! The feature film will be released on July 14 in France.

Fast and Furious 9 has already been released in some countries like China, South Korea, Egypt, United Arab Emirates or Russia between May 19 and May 21. The United States will wait until June 25. As for the French public, they will have to wait until July 14 to see the film.

This first wave of international distribution is already allowing the franchise to break records! In a few days, FF9 has garnered 162 million dollars. This is the best international box office start for a blockbuster since the start of the pandemic. The feature film performed particularly well in China, collecting 135 million greenbacks.


Thanks to this success, Fast and Furious 9 allows the saga to cross the $ 6 billion mark at the global box office. Very good news for the Hollywood industry after a difficult year marked by the health crisis.

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Godzilla vs Kong had already paved the way for a revenue revival, gleaning $ 432 million. Fast and Furious 9 is therefore already shaping up to be a planetary cardboard box! Will it exceed the score of the 8th episode and its 1.2 billion revenue?

As a reminder, this new opus still follows Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). The latter leads a quiet life, far from the asphalt, with Letty and their son, little Brian.

Yet they both know well that behind the brightest horizons always lurk the most devious dangers. This time, to save those he cares about the most, Dom will have to face the demons of his past.

His team come together to dismantle a global plot led by the most relentless killer they’ve ever faced, as fearsome with a gun as they are behind a wheel: A man who is none other than Dom’s disowned brother, Jakob. .

See you on July 14 to discover the film on our screens.


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