Fast and Furious 10: the director leaves the set. Vin Diesel takes control? -…

While the filming of Fast X has just started, Justin Lin announces that he is leaving his post as director (but remains producer).

Thunderbolt in the family Fast & Furious ! Director Justin Linalready at the helm of Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift and episodes 4, 5, 6 and 9 of the saga, leaves the filming of FastX which had just started.

The director, who co-wrote the film with Dan Mazeau, will nevertheless remain in production. If the separation was made amicably between the two parties, sources close to the filmmaker say that the latter decided to withdraw from the franchise due to creative differences.

Justin Lin released a statement: “With the support of Universal, I made the difficult decision to step down as director of FAST X, while remaining on the project as a producer. In ten years and five feature films, we have been able to film the best actors, the best stunts and the best car chases.

From a personal point of view, as a child of Asian immigrants, I am proud to have helped create the most diverse franchise in the history of cinema. I will forever be grateful to the amazing cast, crew, and studio for their support, and for welcoming me into the FAST family.”

We still don’t know what creative disputes it is, but we recently announced that the producer Neal H. Moritz wanted a return to basics for the last two parts of the saga. He hoped “bring back some realism and make movies less wacky.”

Fast & Furious: a return to basics for the 10th film?

On the other hand, Vin Diesel, the saga’s leading actor and also a producer, is heavily involved at all levels. He also announced last week that Jordana Brewsterthe interpreter of Mia Toretto, was not to appear in the script of Fast X and that it was his daughter who insisted with Justin Lin to reintegrate her into the story.

So many details that could explain the decision of the director, yet very involved in the franchise.

Last Sunday, Vin Diesel shared a video of him and Justin Lin announcing the end of the first week of filming for Fast X. The director’s embarrassed reaction to this video resonates differently after the latter’s recent defection. .

A surprising decision

Justin Lin, who was to direct the last two parts, was one of the architects of the Fast & Furious saga. He joined the series in its third installment and took Fast & Furious from simple action films to internationally acclaimed blockbusters.

When promoting Fast & Furious 9Lin confessed to knowing how the adventure was going to end: “We’ve been talking about it for ten years. It’s a conversation we’ve had for a long time. I can therefore say ‘yes’, broadly. And especially because the 9 marks the beginning of a trilogy.”

Fast and furious 10: the director leaves the set. Vin diesel takes control? -...
Universal Pictures

Justin Lin and Vin Diesel on the set of Fast & Furious 5

A trilogy that the filmmaker wanted to direct but that he ultimately prefers to leave to another.

Universal must therefore look for a new director who will be ready to join the shooting of this big production immediately.

Deadline reports that production, which had only just begun, will be briefly put on hiatus while producers find a replacement for Justin Lin. The studio would have already started to meet candidates.

Vin Diesel directing?

Would Vin Diesel be ready to take control of his baby? As a reminder, the actor has already directed 2 short films (multi facial in 1995 and Los Bandoleroswhich was the link between all the films of the FF saga in 2009) and the feature film Strays in 1997.

It would seem logical that the star of the saga, very involved in the scenario and the production, is officially at the helm of the last two opuses.

At this time, Fast X is still scheduled to hit theaters on May 24, 2023. Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese GibsonLudacris, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang and Daniela Melchior are in the cast of the feature film.

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