Far from home on TF1: what is the thriller with Marine Delterme and Marc Lavoine worth? -…

TF1 is broadcasting this evening the TV movie “Far from home”, carried by Marine Delterme (“Alice Nevers”), Marc Lavoine, and Lucie Fagedet (“Skam France”). A thriller against the backdrop of the disappearance of an au pair in Amsterdam which proves to be very effective.

What is it about ?

Morgane, a young 19-year-old student, arrives in Amsterdam with a French family to be the nanny of their two children. In search of independence and experience, she gives 200% of herself to this new job, despite her parents’ fears for her fragile health, and the unspoken words surrounding her charismatic employers.

While a diffuse unease settles in the disturbing house they occupy, Morgane learns that the previous au pair has disappeared under strange circumstances … Isolated in a foreign country whose language she does not speak, the trap closes on the young girl who will have to put the pieces of the puzzle together to save her skin.

Monday, October 18 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1, and already available on Salto

Who is it with?

Morgane, the heroine of Far From Home who will try at all costs to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the au pair who preceded her in the Thierry house, is played by Lucie Fagedet, who had been revealed by the Parents series, manual and which offered a remarkable performance a little earlier this year in the role of Tiff, at the center of season 7 of Skam France.

In front of her, Marine Delterme, the star of Alice Nevers, and the singer and actor Marc Lavoine lend their features to Victoire and Guillaume Thierry, the French couple who hires the young student to take care of her children. While Stanislas Merhar (Bronx), Lucas Englander (Appearances, Parliament), Alicia Hava (Mental), Roxane Potereau (Les Impatientes), Roman Villedieu (T’en faire pas, j’suis là), or Raphaël Ferret ( Profiling) complete the cast of this TV movie.

Far from home on tf1: what is the thriller with marine delterme and marc lavoine worth? -...

Well worth a look ?

Directed by Frédéric Forestier (Stars 80, Once upon a time in Monaco), rather accustomed to comedies, and produced and co-written by Fanny Robert, one of the creators of Profiling, Far From Home serves as a good surprise in a French audiovisual landscape that is full of detective series and thrillers where cops damaged by life try to arrest dangerous serial killers. And which quite rarely ventures into the genre of paranoid atmosphere thriller.

Here, the police investigation, a bit more present in the second part, really takes a back seat, behind the questions, the unspoken, the fears, and the secrets of the different characters. And past the introduction of the TV movie, during which Morgane, already deeply disoriented and lost, struggles to understand the strange behavior of her “new family”, who tries to hide from her what happened to the previous au pair, Far From Home I quickly switch to the breathless thriller, which accumulates characters with troubled intentions and sees the young heroine’s quest for truth accelerate from false trail to false trail.

Huge disturbing house, where charm and gloom come together, strange and prophetic paintings, or even a threatening shadow that seems to pursue the characters … everything is done to create a real atmosphere throughout the TV movie. And Far From Home also benefits from its exotic setting, Amsterdam, which changes stories happening in the Parisian suburbs and has the merit of participating in the isolation of the heroine.

Far from home on tf1: what is the thriller with marine delterme and marc lavoine worth? -...

Even if very few sequences were actually filmed in the Netherlands, as Marine Delterme told us: “Unfortunately, I did not set foot in Amsterdam. With the Covid, there were quarantines, which made filming abroad complicated. Lucie Fagedet left to shoot some outdoor scenes there, but all the indoor sequences were boxed in the Paris region. As well as the sequences which take place near the children’s school, which were filmed at the Cité Internationale Universitaire “. But the illusion works and we only see fire.

The other main asset of the TF1 telefilm is to be found in the performance of Lucie Fagedet who, after Skam France, is once again excellent in the role of Morgane, which allows her to go through all the emotions. While Marine Delterme, in a darker register which suits her very well, and Lucas Englander also manage to pull out of the game.

Ultra efficient and rather unexpected on TF1, Far from home looks at itself with certain pleasure and keeps us going until the end, curious to know the end of this whole story. An end which is also the only black point of the TV movie so much the denouement, which turns a little too much into the big nonsense and the ridiculous, disappoints. A misstep that we can only regret since everything else is rather very successful.

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