Fantasies: autagonistophilia, sorophilia … what are the 6 fantasies explored by this comedy?

After “La Délicatesse” and “Jalouse”, David and Stéphane Foenkinos sign “Les Fantasmes”, a comedy with sketches around “Fantasies”. Do the explored fantasies all really exist and how were they chosen? Reply !

Faced with their fantasies, six couples try to explore the hidden sides of their intimate life. Six questions on access to pleasure. From role play to abstinence, via exhibition, six separate stories with the same questioning about desire today in the center. His but also that of the other …

This is how Les Fantasmes, a new comedy signed by the brothers David and Stéphane Foenkinos, is presented in the script and the direction. A comedy centered on six fantasies therefore, for some unknown or surprising …

How were these fantasies selected? Do they all really exist? And finally, what are the fantasies finally retained by the film? We tell you everything!

Is the film realistic?

As David and Stéphane Foenkinos explain, the idea was to “deal with the most extreme situations while remaining plausible“. The tandem wanted”the spectator can ask the question: would I be able to do that? How would I have reacted in such and such a posture?“.

Before selecting 6, the authors started from a list of .. 250 fantasies, “that medicine still calls paraphilias, or “deviations”, because apart from what is considered a behavioral norm“, they specify.

And to add: “Our main motivation was to stay as realistic as possible. As incongruous as the situations are, identification must always allow us to understand what our characters are going through with empathy. Whether it excites us, bothers us or revolts us. One very important thing to remember here: all the fantasies mentioned in the film really exist!

Warning: if you want to keep the surprise, we advise you not to read this part of the article which will necessarily be spoiler.

What are the selected fantasies?

6 couples, 6 fantasies … Les Fantasmes highlights words that are sometimes unknown, that we give you here, followed by their definition.

  • Gamophilia: Getting excited about playing a role.
  • Dacryphilia: Being excited by tears.
  • Sorophilia: Being aroused by the sister of a loved one.
  • Thanatophilia: Being excited by death.
  • Hypophilia: Being excited not to have sex anymore.
  • Autagonistophilia: Getting excited to be watched while having sex.

The film therefore offers a succession of fantasies to say the least astonishing, with a wide cast (Karin Viard, Jean-Paul Rouve, Ramzy Bedia, Joséphine Japy, William Lebghil, Suzanne Clément, Denis Podalydès, Nicolas Bedos, Céline Sallette, Monica Bellucci, Carole Bouquet, Joséphine de Meaux, Alice Taglioni …) to serve these sketches which are sometimes biting, surprising, funny, and for some tinged with a certain darkness.

This darkness that emerges can be explained by the fact that Les Fantasmes is a remake of an Australian sketch film on sexual fantasies (If you love me … by Josh Lawson, released in 2015 directly on VOD in France), and whose original title is The Little Death (The little death).
If we resumed the process, we modified the structure of a large part of the sketches, and wrote new ones.“, they specify. From Larguées to Do Not Disturb, via Un homme à mesure, there are many French comedies adapted from foreign films little known in our regions, as we have compiled them here.

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Fantasies: autagonistophilia, sorophilia... What are the 6 fantasies explored by this comedy?

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