Family on M6: after Kader, Roxane will find love again in season 10

Family on M6: after Kader, Roxane will find love again in season 10

Two years after the departure of the one who played her husband, Roxane (Charlie Bruneau) will finally find love in the arms of Milo, a new character who will be played by the comedian Gérémy Crédeville.

Family on m6
Family on m6

Like every year in June, the Le Kervelec family will take up their summer quarters on M6 for season 10 of En Famille.

If no information has yet been communicated on the intrigues of this new round of episodes, it seems that Roxane, camped by Charlie Bruneau, finally finds love 2 years after the departure of Tarek Boudali, who played her husband Kader.

According to information from Leisure TV, it is Gérémy Crédeville who will embody his new suitor. He will camp Milo, a young man “friendly”For whom nothing is serious.

He is clumsy”, Explains the actor. “And it is, therefore, very funny to play. Above all, he doesn’t want to make people uncomfortable. But since he doesn’t like silences, he always wants to try to sympathize with people, even if in reality they would especially like to be left alone.”.

He will form with Roxane a couple with very different characters: “Roxane is a little tornado”, Explains Gérémy to our colleagues at Télé Loisirs. “As for Milo, he takes the wind. There are some sketches that will also play on their age difference“.

Family on m6: after kader, roxane will find love again in season 10CSTAR / Xavier Lahache
Gérémy Crédeville

It was only at the age of 17 that Gérémy Crédeville began his career as a comedian. In 2010, after winning a comedy springboard for young talent, he decided to give up his career as a sports coach to fully embark on comedy.

The following year, he participated four times in Laurent Ruquier’s program “We only ask to laugh”Before joining the“Jamel Comedy Club”In 2016. He was then spotted by Arthur who made him participate in“On Friday, everything is allowed”.

In 2019, he plays alongside Thierry Lhermitte and Michèle Laroque in Joyeuse Retraite! before making a notable appearance in Season 4 of Ten Percent in her own role.

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