Family of Saudi Arabia’s ‘most outspoken’ political prisoner calls on G20 to hold kingdom to account

These are the leaders of the G20, came out against culminates in the weekend before the hosted virtual Riyadh, who is rich he is currently on the heads of the club to the Gentiles. The issue of sovereignty has revived discussion about the human rights abuses, the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was the uptick in leadership, which was rolled out in a clear and orderly bring about the kingdom strongly disagree.

“It is the duty of people meeting to discuss (Loujain). To tell Saudi Arabia, which he does not believe any reforms to the ones who is advocating for them to be behind bars,” Loujain al-Hathloul sister, Lina al-Hathloul, told CNN CNN. “There is a city with a call to service debts Loujain”.

Amnesty International urged the world leaders not to “buy the spin Saudi Arabia makers are a real change in chains.” Human Rights Watch says that what “show the international prestige of the government of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman but it helps the human rights violator pervasive image as a turn toward the government.”
Hathloul: 31, closed in May 2018 with the arrest of prominent grabs that targeted opponents of the former banning women from driving out of the kingdom. Sitting weeks before the crackdown was carried vote doubt the reform principle of action.

In an interview with CNN’s Nic Robertson Friday for Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State Hathloul Adel Jubeir said, “and even to a table in the house. And on the day of the trial because of national security matters.”

“The idea of ​​his friends, and that they advocated for women detained for driving, which is unheard of,” said Jubeir. “(Council lift the ban on) the women is driving the end of the reign of George 2 (King Shalman) six months before their detained. And if every woman in Saudi Arabia and advocates for women pursued in chains, half the women in Saudi Arabia would be in jail. “

In the six-page sheet in case it seems to cause Hathloul by CNN, in the section entitled “committed” to the kingdom of the activism includes the male hold restricted to their laws, one in contact with foreign journalists, and ambassadors.

‘Psychologically destroyed’ in jail

From what we have out of his custody: Hathloul which detailed the labors of it – Acaunensium of the martyrs in torment, he blessed, and between the sexual abuse – as their parents, by means of them that have charge in the prison. The martyrs, who were with him in the most blessed Acaunensium from the three siblings who live out of the realm of the public, on the other, and can be confirmed by the testimony of a woman of the palace of the activists.

Saudi authorities repeatedly denied allegations of people in prison in the torture and sexual abuse.

In fact, most things in the 2020, for the righteous, he denied the favors, and the families of the Hathloul of visits to her, she said to him, siblings, and adds to the notion of communications, and to the rulers, and hanging it cited in the field of social coronavirus pandemic.

They had not yet appeared, and now, due to excessive and alert. Loujain given to the family said that the visit had been on hunger strike prison authorities had given to her demands. The protesting the suspension of communication when it was learned that one of the other prisoner still had regular contact with her family, according to Lina.

However, after another visit on September 9, Loujain again denied contact with her family in a meeting with his parents before October 26, when she informed him that he would resume a hunger strike, said Lina.

Activist Loujain al-Saudi Arabia Hathloul has been in prison since May 2018, charged & # 39 women's rights of the activism contacting journalists.

“Loujain was OK physically and psychologically to the Children of Israel,” said Lina. “My parents told us that they never saw Loujain visit to the weak and as hopeless as it was.

“She told them that she will start a hunger strike on that day … My parents tried everything to cheer her up but Loujain was just sure about what she wanted … she does not want to survive in this prison anymore where she’s was not even allowed to have a righteous man calls himself “the.

Assembly of the United Nations this month expressed alarm at reports of health conditions and criticized by legal experts Hathloul out in Saudi Arabia’s contact with his family appear to allow a refusal.

“The Committee is alarmed by the recent Al-MS data about the conditions of detention Hathloul prolonged is that it took to start a hunger strike,” read by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women said.

“Detainees Unlike others, contrary to Rules 26 and 42 of the United Nations and the Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non guardian space … Women offenders Ms Al-Hathloul regular contact with her family should not be allowed to exercise activities in the received reports, “it said.

Hathloul after he had not received the message that the October 26 around it.

At the request of the Saudi authorities, which does not respond to CNN’s comment, by the things which were in the house of the brother of the Lord are asserted by way Hathloul.

Al-threaded Hathloul and sister Loujain pictured in undated photo from Brussels by train.

Hathloul must believe is currently the most vocal political detainee inside Saudi prisons, in the case of the kingdom of the outside world to protect the rights of women known bands and sparking international outrage. Most of the activists who are detained by the waves of arrests targeted Hathloul those who were in the first 2019 to be freed, with a vast distress of nations.

31 years old activist, was one of the few female activists were denied release. And it is in solitary confinement mid-April 2019, and remains there until her sister said. In January 2020, Hathloul was allowed to leave her solitary cell, but can not adjust the sound of interaction with other people, their ability to almost seven months linens said. Made a request to stay in the little room, for an hour, and the day of social activities, from that family.

In August 2019, Saudi authorities offered to release her condition using the Hathloul blessed Acaunensium witnesses of torture on his family said. He declined the offer, according to her siblings.

“And it’s most outspoken (Saudi detainee) behind the bars. She can not get away without food, and full justice.”

The report of the Riyadh to work CNN’s Nic Robertson.

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