Do you like great family adventure comedies? So, (re) quickly discover ‘The Goonies’, cult work of the 80s which we will probably never get tired of.

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Aaaahhhh, The Goonies … What child has never had the mad desire to be part of this happy band? Ever wanted to embark on this hectic treasure hunt to save the house that serves as its HQ? Funny, moving, full of energy and twists and turns, the feature-length film, of an inventiveness and a crazy generosity, can still be tasted as easily almost a quarter of a century after its release in theaters (we know, it doesn’t care a knock).

Why is it so cult, The Goonies? There is Astoria’s house, full of the discoveries of the crazy inventor Data, there is the talkative but so endearing Choco, the dreamer Mickey and his big brother Brandon (Sean Astin and Josh Brolin, who have grown up a lot since) … And then there are also the bad guys Fratelli, whom we love to see being mistreated. And of course the terrible Cinoque, which is not that bad after all! And then, and then, and then … With Les Goonies, we laugh, we shiver and, with stars in our eyes, we quickly realize how much we have here one of the best family entertainment there is.

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Who says great entertainment film necessarily says shock team at the helm. Judge rather: the feature film, directed by Richard Donner (L’Arme fatale), is written and produced by the duo composed of Chris Colombus (Harry Potter, Mom, I missed the plane) and Steven Spielberg (a-t do we still need to present it?). In other words, the cream of the crop of popcorn cinema, which delivers here one of those rare films that one can regularly take “en route” so as not to let go of it afterwards …

Even today, and perhaps more than usual in these difficult times, we want to tell the Goonies that we love them. Because this troupe of budding adventurers on screen perhaps represents the cinema that everyone, young and old, loves the most. The one who makes you laugh, cry, beat your heart and dream with your eyes wide open. Ready to set off again in the footsteps of Willy le Borgne’s treasure?

“Les Goonies” is available on Netflix – From 10 years old.

The “Goonies” trailer:

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