False Coupling Camping: the mistakes and mistakes of the films with Franck Dubosc – cinema news

Michel & Michel
Michel & Michel

Technical specialists

A visible technician, a changing costume, a misguided extra, an anachronism: no blunder escapes the technical specialists of AlloCiné.

For the 15 years of “Camping”, Michel & Michel invite themselves to Flots-Bleus, in search of the false connections of the three films.

So, we don’t wait … Michel & Michel? The technical specialists of AlloCin√© bring out swim briefs, lobster buoys, flip flops, sarongs, sunscreen, stoves, tents, Benco and especially their essential yellow markers, to decipher the blunders and filming errors of the Camping trilogy by Fabien Onteniente.

Launched exactly fifteen years ago and carried by a colorful Franck Dubosc -alias Patrick Chirac-, the saga has attracted more than 12.6 million spectators … and offered us some false connections that smell like summer holidays. The proof in pictures in the video above!

False Fitting in blue weather, delicious false fittings! Spread the word !

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