Fall Guys Mid-Season Update Adds Big Yeetus, Anti-cheating

The Fall Guys mid-season update is now live and it delivers a big new feature — literally — as well as measures to address the game’s cheating problems.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic said that the game is the most-downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever launched. And as expected, it has added a new hammer obstacle the developer is calling “Big Yeetus.”

A trailer shows the hammer randomly appearing in levels and jettisoning players across obstacles.

The other big update centers on cheating. Fall Guys has been suffering from rampant cheating problems, with some players hovering over the levels or flying through at top speed using hacks.

In response, Mediatonic created a “Cheaters Island” and had been removing cheaters from the main game and placing them in the digital jail.

With its mid-season update, the developer launched a new anti-cheating system for PC users. It’s also disbanded the Cheaters Island in hopes that its new measures will be enough to limit cheating. Additionally, the developer said the game’s update features a variety of other under-the-hood tweaks to improve server stability and how smoothly the game runs.

Aside from the Big Yeetus obstacle, levels have added new hazards and rotations have been randomized to create different experiences, meaning levels “will have to be tackled in all-new ways,” the developer said.

“Reliable door patterns on Gate Crash may end up all kinds of wavey,” Mediatonic said. “Turntables could turn the tide in an unpredictable take on Fall Ball. And just when you thought you’d got a handle on the topsy-turvy See-Saw? We’ll just say that your approach may need to be tweaked.”

Fall Guys launched last month and immediately became a hit with its fun and addictive gameplay. Within its first 24 hours of availability, the title had attracted 1.5 million unique players. The game tallied 7 million unit sales on Steam last month and is the most-downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever.

Looking ahead, Mediatonic said that it’s working on a season 2 for the popular franchise, but didn’t share details or an expected launch date.

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