Falcon and the Winter Soldier: "Sharon Carter's main goal is to be pardoned" says Emily VanCamp - News Séries

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: “Sharon Carter’s main goal is to be pardoned” says Emily VanCamp – News Séries

Back in the MCU in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series on Disney +, Emily VanCamp is reprising her role as Sharon Carter. The actress returned to AlloCiné on this comeback which asks a lot of questions.

Be careful, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen all four available episodes of Falcon and the Winter Soldier before continuing to read the article.

Missing since Captain America: Civil War, Sharon Carter is back in the MCU in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, just like Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl). In the Marvel Studios series on Disney +, we learn that Sharon has become a fugitive and outlaw hidden in Madripoor after betraying the government by helping Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes ( Sebastian Stan).

Her interpreter Emily VanCamp told AlloCiné that she is delighted to explore a whole new side of Sharon Carter’s personality: “I’m glad we got to tackle these things. I wouldn’t have liked us to just see Sharon again and have everything been going well for her. She’s not that loyal and kind agent anymore. It was a lot of fun for her. me to play a more independent and angry version of what we saw in the movies.

After this long time away from the MCU, Emily VanCamp therefore had to be up to date on what had become of her character and had a lot of discussion with Marvel so that her interpretation would make sense: “We had a lot of off-talk but we don’t go into it in depth in the show because the characters are at the service of a bigger story. There are no flashbacks but, I know this. what happened to her “.

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Sharon is then a whole different woman in Falcon and the Winter Soldier with a dark side. This new personality has fueled fan theories that she could be Power Broker, the series’ big bad who has yet to reveal her identity. This would be very surprising since she helps Sam, Bucky and Zemo find the creator of the new superhero serum.

While Sharon doesn’t appear to be a Power Broker at the moment, she remains very mysterious and is hiding things from her allies, as Emily VanCamp acknowledges: “There are gray areas around Sharon. On the one hand, she’s cynical and frustrated, which is inevitable with what she’s been through. But on the other hand, there is always a part of her. this young agent that she was “.

[Sharon] is far from her family, she made a lot of sacrifices. The big question for her is whether it was all really worth it.

If she comes to helping Sam, Bucky and Zemo, it’s because she has an idea behind her head: “I think all she ultimately wants is to be forgiven. Her main goal is to be pardoned and go home. She’s far from her family, she’s made a lot of sacrifices. question for her is whether it was all really worth it.

If in episode 3 and 4 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon is on Sam and Bucky’s side, since the Falcon has promised her that she will be pardoned, the question is whether she will stay in their camp. until the end. There are two more episodes left in the Marvel Studios series to see if Sharon will return to the United States or if she will give up her past entirely.

Because resentment is still there. And as Emily VanCamp pointed out at Deadline, Sharon Carter suffered disproportionate treatment from the government: “Based on what some of the other characters did and were pardoned anyway, I think it’s shocking that she’s still on the run, that she’s still that fugitive, living in Madripoor and selling stolen works of art “.

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