Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +: Power Broker identity infuriates fans

Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +: Power Broker identity infuriates fans

Viewers discovered the true identity of the Power Broker in the latest episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier which aired on Disney +. A choice that does not necessarily please fans. Warning for spoilers.

Warning this article contains spoilers on the identity of the Power Broker.

End clap for Season 1 of Falcon and Winter Soldier. Disney + has indeed put online the sixth and last episode of the series, full of revelations and highlights: the final transformation of the Falcon into Captain America, the birth of the US Agent … and the revelation of the identity of Power Broker. It was therefore Agent Carter, played on screen by Emily VanCamp. A twist that fans hadn’t seen coming even hints had been distilled in previous episodes. The series does not really explain how or why the young woman turned into a supervillain even if one can guess it: after being considered as a traitor by her own country, Sharon wanted revenge. She found a scientist who managed to recreate the super serum, which she sells to the highest bidder.

But now, this theory does not seem to satisfy the fans who believe that this choice is at odds with the values ​​of the Marvel character. As a reminder, Sharon is the granddaughter of Peggy Carter, creator of SHIELD and companion of Steve Rogers. The young woman helped Captain America and the Avengers in Civil War, which resulted in her being ostracized.

Sure Reddit and on social networks, many fans have criticized this choice:

[ … ] It’s stupid to have made Sharon the Power Broker because it goes completely against who she was.

[… ] That Sharon was the Power Broker was like they had changed her character in a forced and unnatural way. [… ]

So Sharon Carter is the Power Broker and now she’s a bad guy. You really pissed me off Marvel, really.

“Okay. I think it’s safe to say that Sharon Carter is in the top 3 of worst comic to screen adaptations for the MCU. There was no need to even involve her or the Power Broker in this series what so ever. (Sotuerbo – Reddit)

I think it’s safe to say that Sharon Carter is in the top 3 of the MCU’s worst movie adaptations. There was no real need to bring her or the Power Broker into the series.

Sharon being the Power Broker and getting pardoned in the mid-credits scene, is really, eh. I don’t feel like her character has made a lot of sense in this series but, if they have plans, we’ll see where it goes (ACID_pixel- Reddit)

Sharon who is actually the Power Broker and who is pardoned in the post-credits episode is really… Her character really didn’t have any meaning in the series. But if Marvel has a plan, we’ll see where they go with it.

I admit I am disappointed that they made Sharon evil. 60+ years of being a hero in the comics and they had to make something up? (Folksma- Reddit)

I’m a little disappointed that they turned Sharon into a villain. Over 60 years of playing the heroes in comics and they do that?

By the way, who is Power Broker in the comics?

This choice is all the more surprising given that in the comics, Power Broker is a supervillain named Curtiss Jackson. He founded his company, Power Broker Inc. and developed the super-serum that he charged at a high price.

It is thanks to him that the US Agent and Battlestar increase their physical capacity before the latter two turn against him. He will also face Captain America, Falcon and Hulk. Jackson used the serum on himself but got way too muscular… to the point where he couldn’t move.

The Skrull Theory

But some fans are convinced that Marvel did not make this choice by chance. If indeed this character has morally changed tack between Civil War and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it is perhaps because it is not about the real Sharon Carter… but rather of a Skrull!

These green aliens that appeared in Captain Marvel are shapeshifters, so they can take on the appearance of anyone. The post-credits scene makes us understand that the young woman, now pardoned, has access to prototype secret weapons for potential clients… and for her people?

Remember that Marvel is preparing the Secret Invasion series, centered on a sect of Skrulls which has infiltrated all aspects of life on Earth. Sharon Carter may well be one of them. Now that she has returned to her post with the CIA, the wolf is in the fold.

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