Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +: 8 details you shouldn’t miss in episode 6

Each week, AlloCiné deciphers the episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier for you. Here are the easter eggs that should not be missed in the 6th and last episode.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Released on

March 19, 2021



Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sebastian stan,
Anthony mackie,
Wyatt russell,
Erin kellyman,
Danny ramirez

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Disney + broadcast this Friday the last episode of the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, centered on the Avengers Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. After defeating the Flag Smashers, the Falcon accepts the role Steve left him and finally becomes Captain America. Quite a symbol.

The new Falcon uniform


It took until the last episode to see Falcon wearing his Captain America costume, almost identical to that of the comics. The black Avenger then becomes a symbol for the whole country and at the end delivers a very meaningful speech.

Cap’s legacy ‘


Sam is Steve Rogers’ heir and he proves it twice in this episode: by the moral values ​​he carries and defends but also by his fighting techniques, as evidenced by his face-to-face with Batroc (reminiscent of the one he had with Steve in The Winter Soldier). Sam uses the shield in the same way (a kick to catch it). And all without serum !!

Sharon the shapeshifter


Sharon uses the same technology as Natasha / Black Widow in Captain America and The Winter Soldier, when she infiltrates the office of Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford).

The identity of the Power Broker


In the comics, this character is a scientist by the name of Curtiss Jackson. The Marvel writers have decided to ignore it since they seem to have made Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) the new big bad in the story.

The Raft


Return to Raft, the high security prison already seen in the MCU. Place where Flag Smashers should have been taken before Zemo decided to have them killed.

The birth of the US Agent


After building his Captain America shield with his own hands, John Walker finally drops the star-spangled suit for the darker US Agent one, just like in the comics. All under the impetus of the Countess, who will set up her own team of super-villains / heroes.

The new Falcon?


As Sam gives his Captain America speech on television, a scene shows us Joaquin Torres listening to him. And this plan is certainly not trivial since in the comics, it is he who takes up the torch by becoming the new Falcon.

Goodbye Falcon


You may not have paid attention to this final card and yet it has an important meaning. Exit Falcon, the character is now called Captain America. A nod to the second part of the film trilogy.

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