Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +: 8 details you shouldn't miss in episode 4

Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +: 8 details you shouldn’t miss in episode 4

Each week, AlloCiné deciphers the episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier for you. Here are the easter eggs that should not be missed in episode 4.

Soon the end of the season for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the second series from Marvel Studios for Disney +. In episode 4, whose easter eggs we have listed (details hidden), Sam, Bucky and Zemo leave Madripoor for Riga where they hope to get their hands on Karli and the Flag Smashers. There they will once again cross paths with Captain America (Wyatt Russell) and BattleStar …

The white wolf in Wakanda


We had never seen footage of Bucky passing through Wakanda, where the former Winter Soldier was “recalibrated” so that he could no longer be checked. He seems to have been particularly close to a Dona, named Ayo. She blames him for his betrayal by freeing Zemo.

Zemo’s past


In Civil War, Zemo wants revenge on the Avengers after the Battle of Sokovia. It was there that his wife and children lost their lives. The Baron quickly mentions his deceased son during this scene.

Sam’s old job


Sam offers his team to reason Karli, because he is used to working with veterans. In The Winter Soldier, Steven even goes to one of his sessions. When Captain America asks him to fight alongside him, Sam gives up his job.

The Cap technique ‘


In this scene, one of the Dora Milaje retrieves the shield the same way Steve Rogers did, kicking it upright.

The serum and its effects


In First Avenger, Erskine chose Steve because he saw his goodness (especially when he jumped on a grenade) and knows that the serum accentuates the soldier’s personality. This is the same speech Battlestar is making in this scene. The latter is convinced that the product will make Walker even better than it is. But the reality is quite different …

Bucky and his knife


In the episode, Bucky retrieves a knife from the fight to defend himself. A scene reminiscent of Captain America 2, in which the Winter Soldier wielded this weapon like no one else.

Losing a partner


At the end of Episode 4, Battlestar loses his life, killed by the enemy. John lost his partner the same way Steve witnessed Bucky’s death in First Avenger.

The birth of the US Agent


In the comics, the character of John Walker is often on the borderline of good and bad. It was not until his partner died in the series for the soldier to go beyond his rights and his moral code by cold-blooded killing a Flag Smasher in front of dozens of spectators. And the final scene with the shield in blood is very significant.

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