Explosive Adolescence on Prime Video: What is this horrific teen comedy starring Katherine Langford worth?

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Explosive Adolescence is a bloody teen comedy that stars Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer facing a phenomenon of spontaneous explosions.


In a high school in New Jersey, some students are victims of spontaneous explosions. The small town is plunged into chaos. Mara and Dylan decide not to leave each other, while reflecting on what is worth experiencing, if their life ever ends tomorrow …


Adolescence Explosive counts on a main duo of actors accustomed to films and series for teenagers: Katherine Langford, known for her role as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why and heroine of Cursed, and Charlie Plummer, who notably distinguished himself in the Looking For Alaska series.

Alongside them are Hayley Law (Riverdale), Rob Huebel (Big Mouth), Piper Perabo (Covert Affairs, La Chute du Présiden) and Yvonne Orji (Insecure).


Adapted from the novel of the same name by Aaron Starmer, Explosive Adolescence is the first production of Brian Duffield, writer of Love and Monsters and Divergente 2. This fantastic and quirky film combines a story inspired by the very romanticized period of adolescence and disaster scenario a little gory and delusional.

Explosive Adolescence tells the story of Mara (Katherine Langford) ‘s traumatic last year of high school and how it will affect her future. While at this age one is preoccupied with love stories, grades and friendships, Mara and her classmates face a strange phenomenon: several students explode spontaneously and for no reason.

Explosive adolescence on prime video: what is this horrific teen comedy starring katherine langford worth?

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After several deaths in a bloodbath, the students are taken care of and quarantined by the police and by a scientific team which tries to find a treatment in order to save them from these spontaneous explosions. Mara can count on the support of her best friend Tess (Hayley Law) and her brand new boyfriend Dylan (Charlie Plummer), with whom she lives a passionate romance.

More than a simple horror comedy for teenagers, Adolescence Explosive charms with its relevant reflections, its tasty dialogues, its assumed melancholy, its quirky humor and will touch all generations thanks to its references to pop culture and its well-chosen soundtrack. Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer form a delicious and convincing duo that illuminates this film as funny as it is moving.

Explosive adolescence on prime video: what is this horrific teen comedy starring katherine langford worth?

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The film manages not to get absorbed by its concept, which ultimately only serves as a pretext for a much more fascinating subject. The wanderings and questioning of the passage to adulthood are exacerbated with this race against time to at least survive but above all live to the fullest since death is inevitable.

Although it was shot before the pandemic, it’s hard not to draw a parallel with the health crisis and to savor this film in a cathartic way. The light and cynical tone of Explosive Adolescence does not mar its deep subtext and its brilliant staging, both in the moments of euphoria and in the horror sequences.

The whole thing makes this hybrid film a first big success for Brian Duffield. Watch it today on Amazon Prime Video.

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