Experts Indicate Enhancing lifestyle to prevent osteoporosis

Experts Indicate Enhancing lifestyle to prevent osteoporosis

Since Sunday marks World Osteoporosis Day, Chinese experts have indicated improving lifestyles to prevent osteoporosis, which middle-aged seniors and people should look for treatment and diagnosis as early as you can.

Most importantly, a balanced diet is critical, as one needs to increase the intake of calcium, make sure the appropriate quantity of protein and lower the consumption of salt, according to Xia Weibo, an expert in Peking Union Medical College Hospital.

“Too much smoking, drinking, caffeine and carbonated drinks all add to the dangers of osteoporosis,” he said.

Xia also suggested a moderate exercise that strengthens bones and enhances the body’s flexibility and balance, and at least 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight daily, making up for the comparative lack of vitamin D in China’s dietary arrangement.

“Individuals of any age group should pay more attention to the prevention of osteoporosis, as one’s premature lifestyle is closely related to whether he or she’ll suffer from the illness,” said Bu Jianli, an orthopedist in Bethune International Peace Hospital.

Those who may be more prone to this disease should undergo osteoporosis examinations as soon as possible, he added.

Approximately 19.2 percent of Chinese people aged above 50 have osteoporosis, while the amount for people aged over 65 is 32 percent, official data shows.

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