Exclusive Shows You Won’t Find on Any Other Platform: What’s On Hulu in 2021

As the world of streaming services continues to expand, Hulu has emerged as a top player in the game. With a vast library of both original and licensed content, the popular platform offers something for everyone. While some may turn to Hulu for classic movies or hit network shows, others seek out exclusive programming that can only be found on the platform. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the exclusive shows available on Hulu in 2021.

What makes Hulu’s exclusives so special?

Exclusive content has become a key factor in the streaming wars, as companies work to entice subscribers with unique and compelling programming. For Hulu, this means investing in original series that can only be found on the platform. Some of the factors that make these shows stand out from the rest include:

– Fresh storylines: When Hulu creates a new show, they’re not limited by the constraints of network television. This gives them the freedom to explore unique concepts, push boundaries, and take creative risks.

– Innovative storytelling: Whether it’s through non-linear timelines, multiple perspectives, or other experimental techniques, Hulu’s exclusive shows often use narrative structures that are new and exciting.

– A-list talent: Many of the exclusive shows on Hulu feature top-tier actors, directors, and writers. These individuals are often attracted to the platform because of its focus on edgier, more creative content.

– Diverse voices: Hulu is committed to showcasing a wide range of perspectives, both in front of and behind the camera. This means that their exclusive shows often feature a more diverse cast and crew than what can be found on traditional network television.

Now that we’ve covered why Hulu’s exclusives are worth seeking out, let’s take a closer look at some of the shows that are currently available on the platform.

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on the dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale has been a critical and commercial success since its premiere in 2017. The show is set in a future where a totalitarian regime has taken over the United States, and women have been stripped of their rights and treated as property. The series follows the story of one woman, Offred (played by Elizabeth Moss), as she navigates this oppressive world and fights for her freedom.

The Handmaid’s Tale is known for its intense drama, stunning cinematography, and powerful performances. It has won numerous awards, including several Primetime Emmy Awards, and has been praised for its timely and thought-provoking commentary on women’s rights and political power dynamics.

2. Ramy

Ramy is a comedy-drama series that follows the life of a young Muslim-American man named Ramy (played by creator Ramy Youssef). The show explores his struggle to balance his faith and cultural identity with the challenges of being a modern millennial in New Jersey. Ramy deals with themes of family, romance, and social expectations, all while trying to find his place in the world.

One of the things that sets Ramy apart from other comedies is its willingness to tackle serious topics, such as religion, racism, and mental health. The show also features a diverse cast and crew, with many Muslim-Americans involved in the production.

3. Pen15

Pen15 is a coming-of-age comedy that explores the awkwardness and angst of middle school. The show stars Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine, who play versions of themselves as 13-year-old outcasts in the year 2000. With its nostalgic throwbacks and cringe-worthy humor, Pen15 captures the universal experience of adolescence in a fresh and hilarious way.

One of the unique things about Pen15 is its use of adult actors to play teenage characters. This creates a surreal and comedic effect, as we watch grown women navigate the challenges of puberty and preteen drama.

4. Little Fires Everywhere

Based on the bestselling novel by Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere is a drama series that explores the complex web of relationships in a suburban Ohio community. The show stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington as two mothers from very different backgrounds, whose lives become intertwined in unexpected ways.

Little Fires Everywhere has been praised for its strong performances, complex characters, and engaging storyline. It also tackles issues of race, class, and motherhood, making it a compelling and thought-provoking watch.

5. Woke

Woke is a comedy series that follows the story of cartoonist Keef Knight (played by Lamorne Morris), who becomes the victim of police brutality and begins to see the world in a new way. As Keef grapples with his newfound awareness of social justice issues, he navigates relationships with his friends and family, all while trying to stay true to his artistic vision.

Woke is known for its unique blend of humor and social commentary, as well as its use of animation to bring Keef’s inner thoughts and experiences to life. The show has been praised for its timely and relevant themes, as well as its strong performances and creative direction.


Q: How much does Hulu cost?
A: Hulu offers several subscription options, including a basic plan for $5.99 per month, a plan with no ads for $11.99 per month, and a bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for $13.99 per month.

Q: Can I watch Hulu shows offline?
A: Hulu now offers a feature that allows subscribers to download select shows for offline viewing. However, not all shows are available for download, and there are limits to how long downloaded content can be accessed.

Q: Can I share my Hulu account with others?
A: Hulu allows subscribers to create up to six profiles on one account, each with their own viewing history and recommendations. However, sharing login information is against Hulu’s terms of service and may result in the account being suspended or terminated.

Best practices, tips, and tricks

– Take advantage of Hulu’s seasonal programming: Hulu often rolls out exclusive content to coincide with holidays or special events. Keep an eye out for spooky Halloween shows in October or heartwarming holiday specials in December.

– Check out Hulu’s “FX on Hulu” section: Hulu has partnered with FX to bring a selection of their shows exclusively to the platform. These include popular series like Fargo, Atlanta, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

– Consider the “Hulu with Live TV” option: If you’re a cord-cutter looking for live television, Hulu’s “Hulu with Live TV” option may be a good fit. This service allows you to watch over 60 live channels, including sports and news, along with access to Hulu’s entire library.

– Experiment with genres and formats: Don’t be afraid to try out a new genre or format of show. Hulu offers everything from documentary series to animated comedies, so there’s bound to be something that catches your interest.

– Keep an eye on the release schedule: Hulu releases new content every month, so be sure to check their website or social media pages for updates on what’s coming soon. You might discover a new favorite show before anyone else does.

In conclusion, Hulu’s exclusive shows offer a wealth of creative and diverse programming that can’t be found anywhere else. From dystopian dramas to coming-of-age comedies, there’s something for every taste and sensibility. By exploring Hulu’s exclusive content, you can discover new stories, perspectives, and voices that you won’t find on any other platform.

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