Ex-Marine Trevor Reed jailed for 9 years by Russia court

Reed, 29, was taken into custody last night after many years of heavy drinking during a visit to visit Russia from longtime girlfriend, Aline Tsybulnik According to Tass, and the Red family.

The latest state-run news agency RIA Novosti-Sea, which is involved in during an altercation with two women, and that the police unit arrived at the scene of the disturbance complaints and took him to the police station. In one of the comprehension of the Red withstood the enemy, the violence of the drive, and sadly, hit the other man, he made sure that the wheels of the chariots, and they were created in the way of means falling away from grabbing a hazardous situation, the RIA is.

However, in a statement Red and his family will be told CNN that the false charge of making a false opinion of the Russian police that they could be checked for conflicting statements and exonerate him.

“He has no memory of the past in the evening to drink vodka and asked that many times toast” which is published by Reed house said.

Tsybulnik, Red’s girlfriend and discussed with the police, according to Tass. “(The police) have, in the opinion of frequently changing … history, Reed was too drunk to resist them,” Tsybulnik to Tass.

US Ambassador to Russia John Abbate GlocestriAb criminal proceeding against Red Bishop called a “The list of movements absurd” in a statement.

“This idea will sentence of nine years, so obviously to the asserted that the crime would not be ridiculous,” Sullivan said. “I can not even say miscarriage of justice, because” justice “is not even considered. This is absurd theater”.

Senior Russian officials do not respond immediately to Carmen in English.

The gate of one of the many American citizens have been convicted in Russia, so that in years to US government charges families, and in some cases there is no reason.

In June, a former US Marine was convicted of espionage Paul Byrne 16 years in prison by a Moscow court in closing months of time, which is already ugly cause additional strain on US-Russian relations. Trump and the administration has condemned the blame Byrne.
Byrne’s lawyer the sentencing suppose that officially be used as a leverage in the Kremlin to arrange a prisoner swap for US and Russian custody of the two, and Philip Viktor Bout Yaroshenko.

After the Ministry of Foreign ongoing swap called for consideration to be “hearing”. However, the year the ministry raised the possibility Yaroshenko – those convicted of drug smuggling 20 years in prison in 2011 – could be returned to “nothing in exchange for American national held in Russia.

Yaroshenko is serving his sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut. Bala forcing a dealer Russian arms dubbed the “merchant of death” in the US who was sentenced to 25 years in a federal prison 2012, and reports in the Russian media people, and the potential swap.
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