Evil: the best horror series of the moment is not on Netflix and you are surely spending…

Season 2 of “Evil” is finally available in France on Salto. The opportunity to catch up with this intelligent and chilling horror series, imagined by the creators of “The Good Wife”, which mixes religion, demons, exorcism, and very real fears.

A year and a half after the first season was put online, Evil, which was also offered last year on TF1 in the second half of the evening, is back on Salto with a new second season, the first two episodes of which were added on Friday to the catalog of the French streaming platform.

A good opportunity for all fans of fantastic and horrific series to discover this nugget that they might have missed until now. And which easily deserves the title of best genre series of the moment, far ahead of Archive 81 or American Horror Story which, season after season, is only a shadow of itself.

A series between X-Files and The Exorcist

Broadcast since the fall of 2019 in the United States, first on CBS then on Paramount+, Evil is none other than the new creation of Robert and Michelle King, the duo of producers and screenwriters to whom we owe The Good Wife , its spin-off The Good Fight, Braindead, and The Bite. Just that.

Somewhere halfway between The X-Files and The Exorcist series, Evil tells the story of Kristen Bouchard, a clinical psychologist who finds herself teaming up with David Acosta, a priest-in-training, and Ben Shakir, an entrepreneur. and Acosta’s loyal sidekick technician, investigating potentially supernatural occurrences.

This trio like no other then has the task of determining if the facts presented to them episode after episode have a scientific and rational explanation, or if they are confronted with cases of possessions by demonic forces.

A mystery to which the series has the intelligence to never really answer clearly, leaving us the care of shivering in front of each of these sinister cases. And to attend with jubilation the “duel” in which the two heroes devote themselves since Kristen serves, like Scully with Mulder in X-Files, as a scientific and skeptical counterpoint to the very believing David.

Evil: the best horror series of the moment is not on netflix and you are surely spending...
Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

Beneath its airs of a procedural series, with a closed investigation in each episode, Evil quickly surprises with the fascinating and chilling mythology that it deploys throughout its first two seasons. Season 2, two episodes of which will be posted every Friday on Salto, going even further in the serial, the murky, and the grotesque to take a deeper interest in its heroes, their fears, and their flaws.

Evil owes a lot to the performances of its main performers, starting with Katja Herbers (Westworld) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage from the Netflix series) who show perfect chemistry and perfectly convey all the trouble and all the tension, both professional and sexual, that inhabits their characters of Kristen and Acosta.

Aasif Mandvi (This Way Up) brings humor and empathy to the latest member of Evil’s investigative team, while Christine Lahti (Chicago Hope, Blacklist) and Michael Emerson (Lost) are perfect as the mother of Kristen and Leland Townsend, the big villain of the series who could just as easily be a terrible psychopath as an emissary of the devil.

King’s style horror

After having revitalized with The Good Wife the legal genre with great blows of chiseled dialogues and complex characters, the Kings tackle here the thriller and the horror genre with the intelligence and humor that characterizes them.

With his demon who emerges from the darkness to disturb Kristen’s nights, his disturbing little girl who haunts a video game in virtual reality, his haunting song which obsesses and drives the youngest to suicide, his satanic goatee who seems to be linked in one way or another to Leland, or even his succubus who targets Ben in season 2, Evil quickly reveals itself to be a metaphor for today’s America, and more generally for today’s society. in general.

Evil: the best horror series of the moment is not on netflix and you are surely spending...
Elizabeth Fisher/CBS

By playing with the codes of the genre, and its essential figures, ranging from demons to disturbing exorcism sequences, the series exposes the excesses of new technologies, and in particular the Internet, and seems to seek to warn us that the threat is not not to come: it is already well and truly there. Since Evil lurks in the shadows, possibly present on every street corner, behind every website. Or even, in each of us?

A complex subject that the series refuses to treat in a Manichean way, like other series before it. So much so that the viewer can in no way be certain that Good will triumph over Evil in the end.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis demonic threat should also be more than ever at the heart of season 2 since the last episode of season 1, which saw the heroes discover the existence of a fertility clinic specializing in PMA which would serve to give birth to future diabolical beings, confronted Kristen with the most terrible of doubts: what if Lexis, one of the four girls born through this establishment, was doomed to serve Satan?

A big question that the rest of season 2, or season 3 already ordered, will hopefully shed light on. And which, added to ever darker and more frightening cases of possessions and other serial murders, undoubtedly make Evil the thriller series, between horror and suspense, the most exciting, the most exhilarating, and the most disturbing of these last years.

Find two new episodes of Evil every Friday on Salto.

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