Everything About Clear Aligners – Alternative to Braces

Our smile is the best feature of our face that speaks a lot about us. Not only does it have an impact on our personality, but having a picture-perfect smile boosts our confidence levels and encourages us to flaunt it, be it in front of a camera or in front of people. Today, orthodontic issues, such as overcrowded teeth, underbite and overbite, misaligned teeth, etc., make most of us conscious and socially anxious.

We’re often shy when smiling in front of a camera, thinking about how others may perceive us. A lot of us are also afraid of going to an orthodontist and getting our orthodontic issues fixed, aren’t we?

Well, let us tell you that first and foremost, you must not delay fixing your orthodontic issues, as they can have an adverse impact on your oral health in the long run. It may increase the chances of various problems, such as trouble while speaking and eating, plaque, cavities, bleeding and swollen gums, frequent headaches, etc.

Clear Aligners
Clear Aligners

Talking about orthodontic treatments, lately instead of braces, transparent aligners have become one of the most sought after and preferred solutions to fix your smile and align your teeth. Another reason they are preferred is that in the case of clear aligners, their cost is more pocket friendly compared to how much traditional metal braces cost in India.

Most of us have little information on braces, transparent aligners and their cost in India. It is, therefore, necessary to know all about them before going for a smile makeover. To help you out, we have prepared a thoughtfully curated blog on everything about braces, transparent aligners and their cost in India.

How do transparent aligners fix your orthodontic issues?

Transparent aligners fix your orthodontic issues seamlessly giving you an aesthetic look as well. If we compare traditional metal braces & transparent aligners in terms of efficiency and the way they work, the latter is far better than the former.

Why? That is because, unlike metal braces, transparent aligners do not bruise your cheeks and jaw and do not cause any irritation either. Moreover, they align your teeth by gently pushing them to the required position. This makes transforming your smile as effortless and comfortable as you can imagine.

Another key feature of transparent aligners is that they are custom-made. They are prepared with the help of a 3D scan and images of your jaw, ensuring a snug & comfortable fit.

Transparent aligners vs braces | Cost in India

It is a myth that compared to traditional braces, transparent aligners are quite expensive and might burn a hole through your pocket. Because of this, most of us may delay going for a smile makeover or probably think twice before even going for one. Delaying the process of fixing your orthodontic issues may lead to degraded oral health.

That being said, transparent aligners are super affordable and pocket-friendly when compared to how much traditional metal braces cost in India, . As a result, you do not have to think twice before going for a smile makeover!

So now that you know all about braces, transparent aligners, how they work and how much they cost in India, why not choose a reliable and leading brand for your smile makeover treatment?

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