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France 2 is broadcasting the police comedy “Everyone lies” tonight, led by Vincent Elbaz and Mariama Gueye (“Funny”). A good surprise, which we owe to polar specialist Olivier Norek, and which could become a series if successful.

What is it about ?

VincentVerner. A cop who is no longer a cop, fired by his superiors for his obsession with the truth. A character incapable of lying. Alice Mojodi, a barely 30-year-old prosecutor from diversity. With Malory and de Grève, a computer hacker and son of a broken family, they form the Sensitive Affairs group. In other words, the business group of M…!

But they need one last trump card. It will be Verner, fished out of a bookstore specializing in thrillers because this maverick knows better than anyone all the techniques of investigation without being padlocked by the heaviness of the penal code. Their targets: powerful personalities, from the business world, the star system and the political world, usually untouchable. Their rule: like those they investigate, have none…

Wednesday August 31 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2

Who is it with?

Currently in the credits on Salto du thriller E-syndromewhich will soon be broadcast on TF1, Vincent Elbaz (No Limit) lends his features to Antoine Verner, the ex-cop hero of Everybody lieswho was fired for going after the truth of an investigation.

By his side, Mariama Gueye (Funny) plays Alice Mojodi, a young prosecutor appointed to head Sensitive Affairs, while Josephine de Meaux (Caesar Wagner) and Thomas Silberstein (Kepler(s)) are the two other members of the team: Malory, a cop specializing in computer hacking, and Julien de Grève, who knows the codes and manners of the upper middle class like no other.

Finally, the rest of the cast includes Anne Girouard (Kaamelott) as Isabelle, Verner’s next-door neighbor, and Jacky Berroyer as a former bank robber converted into a bookseller specializing in thrillers – and incidentally boss and inseparable friend of Antoine. Without forgetting Nicolas Marie (Goodbye idiots, The Mysteries of the Choir) as Charles Favan, a big boss in the auto industry who is prominently involved in the first case of the Sensitive Affairs group.

Everyone lies on France 2 what is the police comedy

Well worth a look ?

After The Doc and the vet Where The Pennacswhich both went through the pilot box before becoming series, France Télévisions is continuing its policy of test TV films with Tout le monde ment, which is broadcast this evening on France 2 and could therefore soon return to the channel with new episodes if successful.

And if we could fear that the telefilm ofHelen Angel (What’s wrong with my family?) is just another police comedy without any real soul, commissioned simply to ride on the success of HPI, Everyone Lies quickly turns out to be a nice surprise. Which owes its effectiveness to its gallery of endearing characters, to the know-how ofOlivier Norek (Code 93, Surface), police captain turned novelist and screenwriter, and by the way, more political than it seems.

In the manner of perfect felonies or his illustrious model Colombothis new detective fiction is not based on the search for the identity of the culprit – his face and his name are known to the viewer from a rather successful first sequence – but on the contrary on the way in which the heroes will succeed in trapping him.

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Guest of choice for this pilot, Nicolas Marié is also perfect in the role of Favan, the big bad guy in the first investigation of the Sensitive Affairs group. An unscrupulous big boss who obviously leaves the dirty work to others and leans untouchable. Whatever happens. But it was without counting on Vincent Verner and his team of marginal and unconventional cops who will do everything to arrest him and prove that he is behind the murder they are trying to elucidate.

Already at the origin of the very good series of France 2 The Invisibleswhich will soon be back for a second season, screenwriter Olivier Norek finds with Tout le monde ment the themes and atmospheres that are dear to him, with a group of cops that are anything but conventional and an eminently political reflection, since here he severely scratches the powerful, after being particularly interested in ecology in his novel Impactpublished in 2020.

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A thousand leagues from the tortured and borderline Sharko that he portrays in Syndrome E, Vincent Elbaz seems to have a lot of fun playing Verner, this cop who was fired from the police for going too far in his search for the truth and who never gives up. And his pleasure is obviously communicative. Around him, Marima Gueye, who continues to burst the screen after Funny and Sophie CrossJoséphine de Meaux, and Thomas Silberstein are the perfect complement to this team of Sensitive Affairs which is really the good idea of ​​Everyone lies.

Indeed, seeing these four characters who, a priori, are not made to get along and collaborate, gradually make sense together and join forces to operate outside the lines, even the penal code, and thus achieve their ends. is a treat. So too bad if the investigation is not, in itself, wildly original. It’s really the way in which this team operates, and the comedy that emanates from their strong characters, that make all the salt of the TV movie.

So it only remains to hope that Everybody lies, which is much more successful than Grilled chickensrecently broadcast on France 3 in the same vein, manages to find its audience so that other investigations by the Sensitive Affairs group see the light of day.

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