Even Closer on Salto: what is this torrid dance series between Un, dos, tres and After?

Available since July 15 on Salto, the German series “Even Closer” immerses us in the daily life of a group of young dancers in Hamburg. And accumulates the steamy sequences currently in fashion in the series, from “Elite” to “Sex / Life”.

What is it about ?

Feli, Lucie, Klara, Ben, and Nils join the Stage d’Hambourg, one of the most prestigious art schools in Germany. These young talents are ready to make any sacrifices to realize their dream: to go on stage. But when passion and emotions take over, everything is on the line.

Available in French only on Salto since July 15

A dance series that raises the temperature

After Nancy Drew, Yellowstone, Clarice, or even Saving Lisa, which will arrive in the coming months on M6, the streaming platform Salto put online on July 15 a new unpublished series straight from Germany: Even Closer.

Aired on the German platform TVNOW at the beginning of the year, this drama tinged with soap and eroticism follows the dreams of success and the first amorous and sexual emotions of a band of aspiring dancers in a school which is necessarily reminiscent of the Academy. of the performing arts of Un, dos, tres, the Spanish phenomenon series, the complete of which is available on Salto for the most nostalgic.

Worn by six young actors with perfect looks, including Vivien K├Ânig, Vinzenz Wagner (Spides), and Lion Wasczyk (Alert Cobra, Emerald Green), Even Closer therefore seems tailored for fans of dance series in the tradition of Tiny Pretty Things. and Step Up: High Water. But his choreographies, each more sensual than the next, are not the only argument of the series, of which Salto offers two new episodes each week (out of the six in the first season).

Even closer on salto: what is this torrid dance series between un, dos, tres and after?

TVNOW / Sascha Hoecker

Indeed, in addition to giving everything to be the best and one day become great dancers, Feli, Lucie, Klara, Ben, Nils, and Jonas, the heroes of Even Closer, also indulge in the discovery of their bodies. and their sexuality throughout the episodes and their learning.

Devoid of any modesty (or almost), they do not hesitate to reveal themselves from every angle through a liberated sexuality. Allowing the writers to accumulate the somewhat hot sequences of more or less good taste – in erotic TV movie from the 90s on Sunday evenings on M6. All to raise the temperature a good notch, but not too much not to shock, even if the series is not recommended for those under 16 on the platform.

In short, with this series which mixes stories of love and desires, low blows, broken hopes, and sex scenes, Salto seems decided to join in turn in the movement of “soft porn” more fashionable than ever. in the series (as evidenced by the success of Elite or Sex / Life on Netflix) since the phenomena Fifty Shades of Gray and After.

It remains to be seen whether dance enthusiasts will want to see naked bodies on screen every 5 minutes, and whether others, more interested in the “caliente” aspect of Even Closer will be entertained by the chased steps and others not full of characters.

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