Estonia Wildlife: A Guide To The Top Places That Are Perfect For The Wildlife Lover In You


Estonia tempts those suffering from the travel bug not only with its charming cities and historical treasures, but also with its abundant and untamed wilderness, making it a paradise for nature lovers. With more than half of the country covered in forests and woodlands, the nature and wildlife of Estonia are as fascinating and wonderful as all the other experiences this beautiful country has to offer. Since here the land happily meets the sea, it is blessed with Incredibly breathtaking views over the mainland as well as its pristine islands rich in biodiversity. The long expanse of virgin forests, meandering rivers and swamps surrounded by sparkling lakes is home to an unmatched diversity of rare and exotic flora and fauna. The country’s unique and well-preserved natural lands allow countless animals and birds to make their home, giving rise to such a rich and diverse Estonian wildlife.

Well aware of its riches, the country has established five national parks and nearly a hundred protected areas where animals thrive in their natural habitats. The country’s temperate climate invites thousands of rare migratory birds to its shores every year. Whether you choose to take a hike through the forests and swamps for an encounter with Estonian wildlife or visit well-maintained zoos and nature parks for a closer look, we assure you that this dream come true. Your holidays in the world will be a rewarding one. Here’s a short guide on the different types of birds and animals found in the country and the best places to see them.

Best time to see wildlife in Estonia

Best time to see wildlife in EstoniaBest time to see wildlife in Estonia


Animal activity in the forest largely depends on the season, so it’s a good idea to choose the right time of year for your Estonia wildlife tour to ensure good views. Although zoos give us the privilege of seeing animals and birds up close, it is the forests, wetlands and swamps that hold the real charm of watching wildlife. Spring and autumn are the best times to see most of the animals, such as bears, moose, lynx and wolves, which hibernate or stay away in the deep forests during winter and the harsh summer. Flying squirrels, on the other hand, are usually seen between May and August.

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About estonia wildlife

Even though wildlife is in decline in most countries around the world, Estonian forests are filled with some of Europe’s most iconic animals such as brown bear, lynx, elk and moose. It is also considered to be the ‘birdiest’ country in the world due to its vast diversity and number of bird visitors.

1. Big hunter

big hunterbig hunter

From brown bears to majestic moose, elk, lynx, wolves and otters, Estonia’s wildlife includes around 60 different types of mammals. Then, along with wild boars, hordes of otters can also be seen in the forest.

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2. Rare animal species

rare animal speciesrare animal species

Estonia is probably the only European country other than Sweden where you get a chance to see the rare and elusive Siberian flying squirrel. These nocturnal animals are usually seen at night and are one of the greatest treasures of Estonian wildlife.

3. Exotic birds

exotic birdsexotic birds

There are over 170 species of birds breeding there to add another feather to the cap of the rich Estonian wildlife as well as the countless tourists visiting the country. With its lush green swamps and wetlands, the country is one of the best places in the world for bird watching. The bird inhabitants of Estonia include some of the most spectacular and rare birds in Europe and the world such as White-tailed and Lesser Spotted Eagles, Great Snipe, White and Black Storks, Lake Black Grouse and Black-tailed Godwit.

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Best places to see wildlife in Estonia

The well-preserved national parks are undoubtedly some of the best areas to see Estonian wildlife with their range of landscapes and habitats. However, for those looking for a quick and convenient getaway to wildlife, the many zoos, animal parks and farms close to most urban areas are a great option for seeing the diverse Estonian wildlife. For nature lovers and serious animal lovers, some excellent Estonia wildlife tours with experts are the best option for a rewarding experience.

1. Alistair Animal Park

Alistair Animal ParkAlistair Animal Park

This beautiful park is one of the best places to enjoy beautiful nature and see the native Estonian wildlife during leisure time with the whole family. Well maintained and managed by very friendly staff, the park allows you to see foxes, roe deer, bears, lynx, elk and bison. There is a nice boardwalk trail through the forest to see beavers and visit the lake viewing platform to see the park’s rich bird kingdom. Children will love this peaceful and beautiful habitat of wild animals and birds.

Place: Alistvaer, 49103 Tartu County, Estonia
Time: Daily, 10 am to 3 pm
entrance fees: Euro 3.2/adult; Euro 1/child

2.Tallinn Zoo

tallinn zootallinn zoo

Located in the beautiful Veskimetsa Park forest, Tallin Zoo houses an impressive range of wild animals with over 13,000 inhabitants of 600 species. This is a great place to get a closer look at not only the diverse Estonian wildlife, but also exotic and interesting animals from around the world. The zoo has a remarkable collection of bird species including many eagles, vultures, owls and storks. Since the zoo is so large, it’s a good idea to start early and set aside a few hours for your encounter with the wild and beautiful!

Place: Paldiski Manti 145, 13522 Tallin, Estonia
Time: Daily, 9 am to 3 pm
entrance fees: Euro 5/adult; 13 euros for family ticket

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3. National Parks and Nature Reserves

National Parks and Nature ReservesNational Parks and Nature Reserves

Rich with a full range of habitats and natural ecosystems, the country’s national parks and protected areas are home to abundant Estonian wildlife. While Lahema National Park allows you to see wolves, lynx and bears, Suma National Park is known for its beaver trail along with many other animals. Matsalu National Park is one of the top places in Europe for bird watching, with over 250 bird species and countless migratory birds making it their home. There are also watchtowers and well-established routes for this. Hiiumaa Island is home to the rare European mink while Endala Nature Reserve is a bird paradise.

Place: estonia, europe

4. Bear viewing area at the beginning

Bear viewing area at the beginningBear viewing area at the beginning


One of the most exciting activities for those aiming to see the impressive Estonian wildlife is to go on a bear watching tour in the famous taiga forest of the Aulutaguz region in the north-east. More than half of the country’s approximately 700 brown bears roam this area, making it a great place to see a few. The best season to see bears is between April and July when they awaken from hibernation, and also autumn when bears collect ripe berries and can be easily seen. In spring and early summer, tourists can see a mother bear with her newborn cubs which is a fascinating sight.

Place: Alutagus,Estonia

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5. Alavsky Animal Park

Alaevsky Animal ParkAlaevsky Animal Park


This small but well-maintained park gives visitors the opportunity to see Estonian wildlife in their natural habitat without having to seek out forests and nature trails. As well as adorable bears, the Alavsky Animal Park is home to 90 different animals and a diverse range of pheasants. You may also see lynx, raccoons, badgers, European deer, moose and a variety of birds. The knowledgeable guide makes the entire experience more educational and interesting with his insights. Children will definitely love visiting this tranquil animal park and their encounter with the wildlife.

Place: Cypress, 66009 Võru County, Estonia
entrance fees: Euro 4/3 per adult/child

Some facts about Estonia wildlife

  • Estonia has the largest population of wolves and lynxes in the world.
  • The country is home to approximately 700 brown bears and has the highest population density of brown bears among European countries.
  • About 10% of the European common crane population visits Estonia every autumn.
  • It is one of the few countries in Europe where Siberian flying squirrels can be seen, especially in the Onurmay region.

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With such an impressive diversity and abundance of wild animals and birds inhabiting its forests and wetlands, Estonia attracts wildlife lovers for an unforgettable encounter with furry and feathered friends. So, keep your inner traveler waiting. Simply plan your trip to Europe with Daily Hind News and set out for the adventure of a lifetime!

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FAQ about Estonian Wildlife

Which months are the best to visit Estonia’s wildlife attractions?

Wildlife enthusiasts should visit Estonia from June to September to see the wildlife in Estonia. These are pleasant months and you can see its creatures in their natural habitat.

Can a solo female tourist go on a wildlife tour in Estonia?

Yes, Estonia is a tourist-friendly country in the northern parts of Europe. A solo female tourist must visit this all-inclusive Estonia Wildlife Tour Package. This will also include an English speaking local guide.

Is there any danger from wild animals in Estonia?

Yes, the wild wolves of Estonia are man-eaters. It is advisable to come to Estonia as part of an organized wild tour. You must go camping and hiking at the permitted speed in the national parks in Estonia.

What are the important things to pack when visiting wildlife attractions in Estonia?

You’ll need to pack binoculars, hiking shoes, photo camera, or video camera, insect repellent, and a map of the national park or nature reserve area where you’re going to view wildlife.

What clothes is necessary to bring for an Estonian wilderness tour?

Estonia has mild summers and very cold winters. It is advisable to carry cotton clothes in summers. In winter season you must wear woolen and jeans clothes.

Is Estonia a bird-watching destination in Europe?

Yes, you must visit Heska, Mtsalu National Park and Kabylie to see a variety of colorful bird species, both native to Europe and migratory birds.

Is Estonia a safe place in Europe for a wilderness tour?

Yes, you need to book an organized wild tour of Estonia or an all-inclusive wild tour package. This will include your local transport, hotel accommodation, meals and a local guide.

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