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Disney + has just announced the start of filming for its new original French series “Week-End Family”, which will be starring Eric Judor.

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A new French production Disney + has just entered filming. Presented as a “feel-good” family comedy, Week-End Family will follow the adventures of Fred (Eric Judor), the immature father of three teenage girls born to different mothers. The cast of the program is notably completed by Annelise Hesme, Jeanne Bournaud, Anabel Lopez in the role of her exes or Hafid F. Benamar, already Judor’s sidekick in her Platane series.

Consisting of eight 30-minute episodes, the first season of Family Weekend will be co-directed by Pierre-François Martin-Laval (The Teachers 1 and 2) and Sophie Reine (Cigarettes and Hot Chocolate); created by Baptiste Filleul (Dehors Dedans), the series also produced by the company Elephant International (Do not do this, do not do that).

“We are delighted to see Week-End Family come to fruition, a family comedy, whose genre is popular with French audiences. This production reflects our European production strategy, which is ambitious, original and diversified.” Pauline Dauvin, Vice President, Programming, Production and Acquisition, The Walt Disney Company France, said in a press release.

Our Fun Facts meeting with Eric Judor:

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