Éric Judor in Week-End Family on Disney+: a luminous series for the whole family -…

The first original French creation of Disney+, “Week-End Family” is an immersion in the daily life of a blended family with a solar and touching Éric Judor. A success to be found from February 23 on the platform.


Family weekend immerses us in the heart of a “super recomposed” tribe: a father, his exes, his daughters… And his new companion. A chaotic, funny, and irresistible tribe that meets every weekend.

Week-End Family, a series created by Baptiste Filleul.


A great regular in the series, Éric Judor embodies the leading role of Family weekend. He is Fred, a fulfilled father who juggles between his professional, romantic and family life, all in a hectic atmosphere. Liona Bordonaro (Kiss Me), Midie Dreyfus (I promise you) and Roxane Barazzuol play her three daughters: Clara, Victoire and Romy.

Coming straight from Quebec, actress Daphnée Côté-Hallé signs, with Family weekend, his very first project in France. She replies to Annelise Hesme (Nina), Jeanne Bournaud (Bronx) and Anabel Lopez (Black Baron). All three are Fred’s ex-wives. Finally, Hafid F. Benamar plays his best friend. The actor already appears alongside Eric Judor in Plane tree.


Perfect remedy for these gloomy times, Family weekend is coming to Disney+. For its first original French creation, the platform relies on a joyful fiction accessible to all. It tells the story – full – of Fred, father of three daughters, born of three different mothers. As a ritual, Clara, Victoire and Romy go every weekend to their father, but one day he introduces them to his new companion, Emmanuelle.

The program follows the many adventures of this extraordinary family, between misunderstandings, questioning and treasure maps in the middle of the forest. Each of the eight episodes focuses on a weekend spent in the heart of the tribe. The viewer identifies with the character of Emmanuelle, embodied by Daphnee Cote-Halléwho discovers the joys and hardships of living together.

Éric judor in week-end family on disney+: a luminous series for the whole family -...

Daphnée Côté-Hallé, Éric Judor and Paul Kircher.

Funny, endearing and finely written, the series Family weekend is a successful bet for its creator Baptiste Filleul and the Disney platform. On screen, the chemistry works and all the situations seem authentic. Eric Judor find, after Ride youthchildren as playing partners. The dynamic he shares with the young cast allows him to deliver an excellent interpretation, both tender and vibrant.

Around him, several revelations mark the spirits, starting with the trio composed of Liona Bordonaro, Midie Dreyfus and Roxane Barazzuol. The three actresses brilliantly manage to bring the personalities of their roles to life. The series never falls into this trap of approaching the figure of the child or the teenager as a minor protagonist and without depth. Here, the formula is a success and the perfectly chiseled dialogues have something to do with it.

Éric judor in week-end family on disney+: a luminous series for the whole family -...

Midie Dreyfus and Roxane Barazzuol.

The other revelation is none other than Daphnée Côté-Hallé. Convincing and sensitive, the Quebecer pulls out of the game alongside Eric Judor with a character far removed from the cliché of the “mother-in-law”. Modern and positive representation of the blended family, Family weekend marks a promising start for the launch of French creations on the Disney side.

It is still too early to know if the whole gang will return for a possible season 2, but it would be a shame not to continue the adventures of this lovely family.

Family weekend is available on Disney+.

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