Erdogan and Macron clash over Turkish leader’s comments on Muslims in France

French President Erdogan, as suggested Saturday the work of some kind of treatment “for his habit of Muslims in France.

“That’s the problem of Macron because of religion? What question its relations with Muslims?” Erdogan said Justice and Development boy talk at the meeting Kayseri.

Erdogan added: “Macron needs some sort of treatment. What else is there to say about the state of religion, and freedom, which is not the same as that for the millions of people from different ® in their own country?”

Macron has vowed to crack down on radical Islam in France, after the earth shook, and the beheading of Samuel Paty October 16. Paty was history professor who taught kind of freedom, which used a controversial caricatures of Islam, the prophet Mohammed Charlie Hebdo satirical from the newspaper. The teacher suspected terrorist from killing the suburban Paris reignited tensions against secularism, France Islamophobia and Islam.

The government charged in France Erdogan seemed week and denounced comments as “offensive”.

“Throat, drunk You have today are not the limit. We demand that Erdogan change his course, the plan is to be feared at all. We do not enter into it fighting and do not get injured,” a spokesperson from the Élysée Palace, home of the French president, told CNN CNN.

A spokesperson added recalling its ambassador to France in Ankara “ongoing trial of the situation,” which is described as “rare move”.

Macron said Tuesday that his government would “intensify its fight against radical Islam and adoration.” He said that if the Paty death, dozens of the measures had been taken against organizations and individuals’ pushing a radical Islamist development project, in other words, an ideology which is aimed at destroying the (French) Republic. “

A spokesperson presidential indicates the absence of support for the Lord’s commands and followed the Turkish president after the death of Samuel Paty “a call to boycott French and condemned Erdogan carrots, in which the President deemed” very serious “.

Erdogan and Macron, who have often clashed in the past.

Last month, the Turkish leader blasted with his French counterpart, criticized Turkey over a controversial actions on the eastern sea, warning Macron, not mess with the Turkish nation and Turkey. “

On Saturday declaring that Pakistan’s stance on the Prime Minister Islam Imran Khan also vituperaverint Macron against him and accused “attacking Islam. “

“At last, the world wants and needs of various parties collected more. Create Public ignorance is said to be more hatred and Islamophobia extremists to secret space. Will in encouraging the display of cartoons targeting the Prophet of Islam,” Khan wrote football alcohol.

Khan went on to say that Macron ‘attack and harm to millions of Muslims in Europe and the world. “

The reported CNN’s turkey Tuysuz Gui. Martin Goillandeau Rahim told the London Zamira, and wrote in London.

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