Episode 791 Revealed: ‘Here It All Begins’ November 8, 2023, Spoilers Inside!

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… The rumor about Carla spreads to Teyssier’s ears. The afternoon surfing between Ethan and Leonard turns sour. Heat at Double A: Laetitia is in the hot seat!

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Wednesday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Wednesday November 8 in Here it all begins…

Pregnancy rumors go back to Teyssier

Aware of the threats Carla received from Rose, Souleymane goes to see his ex-mother-in-law to talk about it and tries to understand her reasons. Rose explains that she is worried about him because she suspects Carla of manipulating him. Souleymane says the opposite, defending Carla whom he describes as a golden person when you know her well enough. In any case, Rose believes that they do not know each other well enough to have a child together. Souleymane then retorts that they are very in love and very happy to have a baby.

Here It All Begins

In the park, Gaëtan gives a sports lesson to the First Years. Carla refuses to participate. Gaëtan insists that she do the exercises like everyone else. Carla declares out loud that she is unwell because of her period pains. Embarrassed, Gaëtan accepts that she be excused from the course.

Later, Gaëtan feels guilty for having forced a student to play sports without thinking for a single second that she could have her period. He empties his bag next to Hortense and Rose. She immediately guesses that it is a lie from Carla. Out of anger, Rose reveals that the young girl is pregnant. She immediately regrets her slip of the tongue and makes Gaëtan and Hortense promise not to repeat anything to anyone.

During her lesson, Hortense has the First Years work on pan-fried foie gras. She openly exempts Carla from tasting it. She then understands that her teacher knows about her pregnancy. Hortense discreetly admits that Rose spoke to her about it. But she promises to keep it a secret. However, Souleymane and Carla fear the worst.

In order to silence the rumors, Carla decides to film herself eating foie gras and post the video on the networks. At the same time, Souleymane warns her that people keep asking him if he’s going to be a dad. Carla understands that her attempt is in vain and that the entire Institute will soon know of her pregnancy.

Indeed, the rumor is spreading like wildfire. At the Workshop, Teyssier hears about it through a conversation between Tom and Malik. He quickly summons Carla to his office, who confesses the truth to him. If the young girl promises that her pregnancy, as well as her planned birth in April, will not disrupt her schooling, Teyssier has a different opinion on the matter. He’s not willing to take the risk. Carla retorts that he is not the only one who can decide his future at the Institute. He also has to work with Myriel as deputy director, who is none other than his baby’s grandfather – or so she claims.

Teyssier then seeks to talk about it directly with Antoine. The latter admits to knowing about Carla and Souleymane’s baby. He is in favor of arranging things for his daughter-in-law, unlike the school principal who prefers that Carla return next year as part of the new class. He thus leaves it to Antoine to announce himself to Carla that she is fired…

Laetitia is fired by Stanislas

At Double A, the students take care of the setup. Laetitia, who reviewed the entire evening, plans to impress the maître d’hôtel and get good feedback. So, when he brings the students together to talk to them about the service at the table, Laetitia intervenes several times to ask questions or share her knowledge. Far from being impressed, Stanislas criticizes him for interrupting his explanations and therefore wasting his time.

During the service, Stanislas observes Laetitia who corrects a student’s error in the positioning of the cutlery. He takes her aside to remind her that it is not her role to intervene in this way, but his. He then emphasizes that Laetitia should focus on her own mistakes. The young woman apologizes. Stanislas advises him to stop showing unnecessary zeal.

Later, Stanislas goes to the management office. In agreement with Antoine, he announces to Laetitia that he can no longer continue his training because she does not have the level. Laetitia defends herself by explaining how important this training is to her, emphasizing her determination to learn and improve. Unfortunately, Stanislas sticks to his decision and suggests that he find another training course. Laetitia then criticizes Antoine for not supporting her.

In the hallway, Kelly surprises her mother drawing devil attributes on the official portrait of Stanislas which has just been hung. Laetitia tells him what he did. At the same time, the butler arrives in the corridor. Just in time, Kelly takes down her portrait and hides it behind her back. Stanislas is disappointed not to be able to see him. He takes the opportunity to assure Laetitia that there was nothing personal in his decision. He is ready to support his application for other training. But nothing helps: Laetitia now has a grudge against him.

Ethan victim of a surfing accident

In the cafeteria, Leonard suggests that Ethan do an activity together to thank him for having defended him in front of Teyssier during the Du Chesnay affair. In particular, he offers to help him discover his passion for wing foiling. Ethan says he hurt his wrist the last time he did it and suggests a surfing session instead. The two boys then ask Maya to join them, but she declines.

Leonard and Ethan go to the beach after school to practice surfing. Despite the strong wind, they threw themselves into the water. Leonard ends up finding Ethan, unconscious in the water. He rushes towards him and brings him back to the sand. As he regains consciousness, Ethan notices that he is bleeding from the head. Leonard immediately calls for help.

Back at the Institute, Leonard is worried to death. Billie tries to reassure him: Ethan is in good hands at the hospital and Maya is by his side. But Leonard is so hurt that he cries. Maya returns with good news. Ethan is doing well, but he remains under observation overnight.

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