Enemy Hearts on Disney+: 3 things to know about the romantic drama with Keira Knightley -…

Available this Friday, May 6 on Disney+, Enemy Hearts features Keira Knightley, Jason Clarke and Alexander Skarsgård in post-war Germany. Before seeing it or seeing it again on the platform, we reveal 3 anecdotes about this film.


Three years after its theatrical release, the moving romantic drama enemy hearts in turn joins the already well-filled catalog of the platform Disney+. In this adaptation of the best-selling Rhidian Brookpublished in France under the title In another’s houseRachael Morgan (Keira Knightley) joins her husband Lewis (Jason Clarke) in Hamburg, at the end of the Second World War in 1946.

While Lewis, an officer of the British forces, is in charge of the reconstruction of the devastated city, the couple settles in the residence of a German architect (Alexander Skarsgard), where he raises his teenage daughter alone. If Rachel is initially wary of the one she considers an enemy, a very different feeling will arise over time…

Enemy hearts on disney+: 3 things to know about the romantic drama with keira knightley -...
2019 Twentieth Century Fox

Although Rhidian Brook’s novel is fiction, the author drew on his own family history for the setting of his narrative. Indeed, his grandfather, Colonel Walter Brook, also went to Germany after the war with his family, to help the country in ruins. There, he was offered the opportunity to requisition a house, but refused to evict its German inhabitants as was then often the custom.

It is therefore this cohabitation between the newcomers and the owners of the places that the writer recounts here, with a touch of romance born of the imagination of the latter. “I wanted to imagine what a woman – like my grandmother – might have felt sharing a home with a German family and follow her personal journey from resentment and prejudice to acceptance and understanding,” he confided to BBC News.


The story of Enemy Hearts will quickly reach the ears of someone who knows this period surprisingly well… In 2010, when Rhidian Brook presented his project to the production company Scott Free, created by directors Ridley and Tony Scottit turns out that the two filmmakers are actually more familiar with this narrative than anyone could have imagined.

A coincidence, and not the least: the two brothers know very well the setting planted by the author, since they themselves lived in Frankfurt, then in Hamburg, after the war. “My house in Frankfurt was actually that of a German officer. My mother was good friends with his wife who came once a month to check that we were taking care of the house,” recalls Ridley Scottexecutive producer of the film.

Enemy hearts on disney+: 3 things to know about the romantic drama with keira knightley -...
2019 Twentieth Century Fox


Unusually, the novel In another’s house (The Aftermath in original version) was born after the idea of ​​the film Enemy Hearts: Rhidian Brook had already started working on the script for the feature film when he was offered the opportunity to publish his story as a novel by the publisher Penguin Books.

The author nevertheless remained involved in the development of the romantic drama, accompanied by Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhousewho had already collaborated together on Frankie & Alice and The color of victory. And it is besides the script which conquered the director James Kent : “I was sent the script, I loved it and immediately wanted to do the film”.

Enemy hearts with Keira Knightley: “This house, this woman, her dilemma, it all touched me a lot”

Find the movie Enemy Hearts now on Disney+.

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