En Famille returns to M6: a season 11 rich in novelties to celebrate the tenth anniversary of…

Postponed because of “Comme des kids”, season 11 of “En Famille” finally arrives this Monday, August 1 at 8:30 p.m. on M6. And between new professional departures, new rivals, and even wedding plans, these new episodes are not to be missed.

Broadcast for the first time on June 25, 2012 on M6, the series With family celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

And if season 11 has been somewhat delayed – the channel having preferred to launch a new short format, like kidsin July – these new episodes, broadcast from Monday August 1st at 8:30 p.m. on La Six, should undoubtedly delight fans of the Le Kervelec family.

Less “old” than Scenes of households, launched in 2009, En Famille, however, holds the distance much better. And remains at a very high level of comedy and humor, where the adventures of Huguette and Raymond or José and Liliane ended up getting tired. The fault with a lack of renewal and with new couples less strong and less well written.

Daily drama “the most watched in the summer”, with an average of 2.8 million viewers last year and a market share of 22% on the commercial target of women purchasing managers under 50 (FRDA-50 ), En Famille is finally back on the air with an unmissable eleventh season, marked by promotions, new challenges, a move, and even a wedding!

Brigitte launches her erotic podcast and Tata Lucienne is getting married

Nearly breaking up in the last prime because of Jacques’ infidelity, the Le Kervelec grandparents left this complicated episode behind them and are once again taking full advantage of their happiness as retirees in the sketches of season 11 supervised at writing by Benjamin Guedj.

While Jacques (Yves Pignot) finds a handyman rival in the person of Genteuil and is confronted for the first time with a son-in-law (Milo) who does not try to please him at all costs, Brigitte (Marie-Vincent) launches, in parallel with the management of his Love Chalet, in the creation of an erotic podcast entitled “Loves and confidences” in order to share his immense sexual experience.

Roxane (Charlie Bruneau), for his part, always spins the perfect love with Milo (Geremy Credeville), perfectly integrated into the family, and continues to have fun in his new position within the cultural association of the town hall. Even if his perfectionist character does not always work with the “asso” side.

En famille returns to m6: a season 11 rich in novelties to celebrate the tenth anniversary of...

Now married to Jean-Pierre (Olivier Mag), Marjorie (Jeanne Savary) becomes head nurse in these new episodes. Result: she gains self-confidence and begins to tell herself! While Jean-Pierre, now president of the rugby club, is faced with a major problem: Jean-Hugues Olivier, a wealthy businessman who has bought the rival club and is trying to steal its players.

On the love side, Seb (Benoit Moret), who became the boss of a food truck, is still with Bonnie (Tiphaine Daviot), and the young couple even decided to move into a small studio together… on the same floor as Roxane. Anthony (Axel Huet) finally lives his love affair with Charlotte, around which he has revolved since adolescence. As for LucienneMarie Pierre Casey), she found love with René, a resident of her retirement home. And the two lovebirds are going to prepare for their wedding!

Finally, Chloe (Lucie Bourdeu), cured of her burnout, becomes Annabelle’s agent (Antoinette Giret), who is experiencing the start of starification thanks to her popularity on the internet and is becoming a “good” influencer. And Gaspard (Calixte Broisin-Doutaz) decides to open up to others and become a little “cool”. An entire program !

Despite all these novelties, the heroes of En Famille remain true to themselves and their strong characters continue to sparkle, for our greatest pleasure, in this season 11 which notably welcomes as guest Fred Bianconi (Such a Great Sun) in the role of a former friend – and lover – of Brigitte who returns to settle in the region.

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