En Famille on M6: Marjorie’s wedding, complicated filming… all about the prime event…

M6 is broadcasting “Marjorie’s wedding” tonight, a new and unpublished bonus from its hit series “En Famille”. We tell you everything you need to know about this exceptional episode not to be missed in which Marjorie and Jean-Pierre will finally say “yes” to each other.

A year and a half after the broadcast of the prime time “At the end of their dreams”, En Famille, whose season 10 was broadcast last summer, once again has the honors of prime-time this evening on M6 with “Le Marjorie’s wedding”, an exceptional new episode of 2×52 minutes which will mark a milestone in the history of the series and should delight all Le Kervelec fans.

With the program, misunderstandings and unforeseen series, return of old characters, and unforgettable sequences…

Marjorie and Jean-Pierre will finally say “yes” to each other

After having turned around for eight years, Marjorie (Jeanne Savary) and Jean-Pierre (Olivier Mag) have been spinning the perfect love in En Famille for two seasons now. It was therefore normal that a marriage would end up looming for this emblematic couple of the successful shortcom of M6, and it is now done with this new premium event which takes us to the Basque Country, in the family property of Escourrou , where the most beautiful day in the life of the bride and groom could well turn into a nightmare.

In charge of organizing her sister’s wedding, Roxane (Charlie Bruneau), who takes things a little too much to heart, will have a hard time keeping calm, having to deal with the mother’s very “personal” initiatives. of Jean-Pierre concerning the decoration. And to a major unforeseen event that could quickly make him regret having entrusted the responsibility of the dinner to Antoine (Axel Huet).

And all that is nothing compared to the “tornado” Brigitte (Marie Vincent), who is convinced that Jacques (Yves Pignot) is cheating on her and will do everything to bring her husband’s infidelity to light. Will the Le Kervelec family be able to cope and prevent an announced disaster in order to offer Marjorie the wedding of her dreams despite everything? As for Jacques and Brigitte, do they still have a future together? Nothing is less sure…

En famille on m6: marjorie's wedding, complicated filming... All about the prime event...

Who are the guests of this new bonus?

If all the members of the Le Kervelec family are present in “Le mariage de Marjorie”, with the exception of Tata Lucienne (Marie-Pierre Casey), this unpublished premium of En Famille is marked by the return as guests of the parents Jean- Pierre, Bernard and Evelyne Escourrou, whom we met during the Christmas bonus in 2019 and who are still played by Henri Guybet and Chantal Neuwirth.

As for Brigitte’s “rival”, Nicole, with whom Jacques seems to have a flirtation, she is played by Katherine Erhardy, well known to fans of Les Sous-doués in which she camped Jeanne Hamilton.

En famille on m6: marjorie's wedding, complicated filming... All about the prime event...

A shooting complicated by the storm “Alex”

“Marjorie’s wedding”, which was originally to be broadcast last spring on M6, at the start of season 10 of En Famille, was shot between September and October 2020 in the South-West, between Bayonne and Biarritz. And this 10-day shoot far from the Paris region was somewhat complicated by the weather.

Indeed, like the entire Atlantic coast during this period, the production had to deal with the storm “Alex”, which had an impact on the last sequence of the bonus, which corresponds to the wedding party of Marjorie and Jean-Pierre.

“For the last sequence of the film with the newlyweds and the procession of guests which was initially to take place on a beach, we had to change the location for an interior nightclub setting”, explains executive producer Jean-Luc Périchon in a press release. So blame storm “Alex” for that beach wedding scene we’ll never see.

Discover an extract from the bonus “Marjorie’s wedding”:

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