Emily in Paris: What is Netflix’s chic and glamorous new series worth?

Netflix is ​​now adding to its catalog the romantic series Emily in Paris, worn by Lily Collins. So, do we zap or watch?

What is it about ?

Emily, an American in her twenties from the Midwest, moves to Paris after receiving a most unexpected job offer. His new challenge: to bring an American point of view to a struggling French marketing agency.

Emily in Paris by Darren Star with Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Frédéric Anscombre, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold …

Available in full on Netflix. Episodes seen: 10/10

What does it look like ?

Well worth a look ?

When Netflix unveiled the first images of Emily in Paris, we were scared. Very scared. Because the Paris depicted in the new series of the American platform is very far from reality. And after having seen the 10 episodes of season 1, we can only confirm your fears: yes, it is very (very) cliché. But once said that, we have to accept that Emily in Paris is a great guilty pleasure, that we binge-watch not for the quality or the depth of his writing, but for his assumed soap side. It must be said that Emily in Paris is the latest creation of Darren Star, to whom we owe the big hits Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Sex and the City or more recently Younger. The showrunner has never hidden his love for fictionalized stories, the world of luxury and fashion… A mix that can be found in his new creation.

New creation which tells in filigree the shock of the French vs American culture: do not be surprised if the series, told from the point of view of an American therefore, depicts the French as rude, addicted to sex and sometimes pretentious … while celebrating gastronomy and fashion. The series is also punctuated with references to Moulin Rouge, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Paul Gaultier … In reality, there is a tacit agreement between the creator and the spectator: everything you will see is only one fantasy. In the end, we find ourselves watching the series for its sets (Paris and its enchanted alleys, its illuminated Eiffel Tower …) more than for the outfits of its heroine who walks around Paris with a beret on her head, devouring “increasing “… And who lives in a good-sized room in the Estrapade, which only has a good name. Speaking of clichés, we will not be spared the love affair with a handsome Parisian chef whose girlfriend is part of a Champagne producing family.

Despite all this, Lily Collins should get everyone to agree. The style of romantic comedy suits him particularly. And if the constant optimism of her character can annoy more than one, the young woman is radiant at all times. No wonder Darren Star fell under his spell. Besides, the showrunner does not rely only on her to attract spectators. It will also be the opportunity to discover the hilarious Ashley Park, in the role of a nanny like no other, Lucas Bravo (the famous chef) and Samuel Arnold (who is doing well). Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Ten percent) does not lack class in the role of the antagonist to which we attach ourselves despite everything.

So, to see or to skip? It all depends on what you expect from a series. If you want entertainment, lightness, romantic comedy and guilty pleasure to look under your plaid while sipping on a good hot chocolate, Emily in Paris is for you.

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