Emily in Paris on Netflix: the shooting of season 2 annoys many Parisians

Success of the Netflix platform, the series “Emily In Paris” is soon back. The shooting of season 2 has taken over the streets of Paris for a few weeks, but city dwellers are beginning to lose patience.

Emily in paris on netflix: the shooting of season 2 annoys many parisians

Code name : Charade. In the streets of the capital, the series Emily in Paris borrows a false title so as not to attract crowds. The shooting of season 2 has been in full swing since May 24 and it is possible to see, here and there, teams at work, as in front of the Garnier opera last June. Despite this secret cover, there is nothing very discreet about the filming of the Netflix success. It is even starting to become particularly painful for many Parisians, as reported the article written by our colleagues from World and published on July 30th.

The program launched by Darren Star – the creator of Sex & the City – became a phenomenon after its release in October 2020. Nominated for the Golden Globes, the series is a big production, which implies, quite logically, a large workforce on the places. In the 5th arrondissement of Paris, opposite the Panthéon, production trucks invade the streets. The comings and goings, to transport equipment, costumes and other accessories are numerous, to the chagrin of the locals.

On the Place de l’Estrapade, one of the many sets chosen for the series, it has become difficult to move around freely, as one of the city dwellers explains in the French daily: “We are used to filming in the neighborhood, but with Emily in Paris, we discovered the arrogance of blockbusters. Because they pay the merchants and the parking, they think they bought the whole neighborhood.

Emily in paris on netflix: the shooting of season 2 annoys many parisians

Thomas Desroches

Shooting in front of the Opéra Garnier in June 2021.

Seven streets were blocked, as was part of the Place du Panthéon. It is also difficult, if not impossible, to park or walk freely on the sidewalk. The big winners in this story are the traders, compensated by the production. For them, this shoot is a godsend because Emily in Paris gives them exceptional visibility once the series is broadcast worldwide. “It’s unimaginable how many people it has brought back. I don’t know how much I should have spent to get such global publicity“, Rejoices the baker of the district.

The city of Paris has always been a big habit of filming. Right now, Lisa Azuelos’ film crew I Love America has moved to the 8th arrondissement. There is also the new season of the French series Je te promis which has taken up residence in the 7th arrondissement. Soon, in November, David Fincher will come to the capital to shoot his new feature film with Michael Fassbender. With, perhaps, more discretion.

Check out the trailer for the “Emily in Paris” series:

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